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  1. So now it`s october 🙄😠. In september it will be december, i am sure...
  2. Did anyone notice that in NZ they have changed button placement for rhd cars 🙂 Home, power, volume... are on right side of the unit. UK:
  3. The procedure is the same for corolla. I disabled rear seat warning only because they are too sensitive and they were beeping when i had my backpack on the seat. I would never disable them if i had rear passengers.
  4. I disabled them myself, downloaded techstream (you can pay for time limited license) and bought cable from ebay., Worked great.
  5. You forgot to add word basic in front of electronic features, what door locking actually is. 🙂 There is no logical explanation why you can activate this functionality on rav4 and not on corolla. It is understandable that you cannot change 4x4 drive parameters on corolla, because it doesn`t have the necessary hardware installed. But i am sure that they use the same central management computer (or very similar), relays and actuators in corolla and rav4. After all that`s a major point of a shared platform, as many parts as possible shared between different models.
  6. See, this inconsistency is something i don`t understand from Toyota. Both are based on tnga platform and don`t have the same basic functions...
  7. Great idea, totally forgot about this. It looks like they use the same grommet that i wanted to use but it is so tight down there.. Now i see that they remove sheet metal under the windscreen, then it looks doable. I will try this and report back. Thank you.
  8. Hi. I am trying to install active subwoofer under the seat and change front speakers. I bought this: Compact unit with amplifier for front speakers. It fits under right seat perfectly (drivers seat for uk). Just what i need. But i spent half of sunday trying to get plus cable from battery in engine compartment (i have 1.8 hybrid) through the firewall. I couldn`t get it through. It`s far from my first car audio install and i would like to know if anyone has succeeded in this?
  9. Techstream is official Toyota software for editing these parameters. Mentioned options are non-existent and cannot be changed. I believe these functions are set in ECU and can be changed only when it is unlocked or hacked in some other way. But say goodbye to warranty then...
  10. I don`t understand why these settings are so limited. Even in techstream it is completely the same. I would like to activate following functions but they don`t exist: - automatic locking of doors while vehicle is moving - acoustic signal when locking the doors - rear lights always on
  11. That`s really a joke. If they would open the source code for this excuse of an "entertainment system" i am sure that we would have a solution last year already... I am really curious how that ukrainian guy managed to flash the firmware to this unit. Anyone found an alternative headunit from a reputable manufacturer that will fit in our cars?
  12. Completely agree. Just look for example new octavia/leon/g8... Skoda even has usb-c outlet near the rear view mirror for dashcam. And their dash display (honestly, toyotas dash is garbage compared to others) and infotainment screen is waaaaaay nicer then ours. And here we are, debating whether we will get technology from 2014 in our cars. Small details are what makes a big difference in user experience. Honestly, if it wasnt for the hybrid drivetrain i wouldn`t even look at this car. And i am totally convinced that such details were a factor while selecting new car, for many.
  13. As you said... It`s not like they are developing a new space shuttle. I work in IT, we are mainly software developers and i know what we can do in a year. Miracles so to say... Especially with known protocols like ac/aa. But i guess this upgrade was always somewhere at the bottom of the priority list. But it shouldn`t be, i know a lot of people that didn`t select Toyota mainly because of this. Frostyballs, maybe they announced it in november but they knew from day 1 that this is a major deficit (just look at the comments on toyota uk blog site) that should be fixed asap.
  14. I think that we can all agree that this is totally unacceptable for a mega company like Toyota. I would expect this from lotus, pagani, fisker etc, companies with smaller teams of developers and resources. I wouldn`t be surprised if at the end they will say that the update is cancelled. 😠
  15. I found out that if siri is disabled on iphone carplay won`t work. We were wondering why friends iphone doesn`t connect in other friends polo. When he enabled siri it started to work. 🙂