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  1. I thought that it was something new but i had this sw installed on a car that was delivered on 7th november. When you extract the update the date is 11.9.2019. I was really hoping that it is carplay/aa update, but unfortunately it is not.
  2. I am sure that when the time comes, this update will leak somehow and will be available to all free of charge. All it takes is one employee to copy it on a usb stick 🙂
  3. No, the app is available in my local app store. I am on ios, couldn`t even install from unofficial source. 🙂 I wrote an email to the importer for my country and i will post the reply when i get it.
  4. It doesn`t work for me either. I just see the basic stuff like car position, maintenance, etc. I hope they will enable this for non-UK customers too...
  5. I was told by my dealer that models that come with 17 or 18 inch as standard have different steering rack as the models with 16 inch wheels. Don`t know if this is true or not but it would be a thing to consider with your problems.... For example i have Sol model which comes as standard with the same wheels as yours and i am not allowed to put 16 inch wheels on it, in homologation documents the only allowed dimensions are 225/45/17 and 225/40/18,