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  1. wheels and tyres are all correct it has an mph speedo in it, thats all i know. i bought the car from an import dealer and he said there is nothing i can do
  2. i have a 2.4 toyota estima auto, 2006. when i am driving my speedo reads 70 mph but my sat nav reads approx 63 mph is there any way of calibrating the car to the correct speed. T.I.A
  3. Why does my n/side rear window just decide to go down about 4"inch occasionally. I have tried resetting by holding button down etc. Any help much appreciated
  4. I have a Toyota Estima 2006 new shape.I switch headlights on and everything fine the o/side headlight goes off, i have to switch lights off then on for it to work again. As far as i can seethe bulbs or wiring isn't loose
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