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  1. Well what a shocker. Took the car to Express Service. They said both pads have 6mm and the decision was mine but the recommendation is pads and shoes not needed. No charge made. Absolutely superb customer service and I'll be going there in future. Thank you to everyone who helped me
  2. I have it booked in on Tuesday at Express Service part of the Citroen group. Cost £50 if pads only and £149 if pads and disc.
  3. Independent garage gave no indication. 2018 Toyota said 4mm left milage was 18000 it's now 23000
  4. No I've got no red light coming on. No squealing or rubbing noise. Hand brake seems to travel up a long way before gripping. It's just a kwik fit person many years ago said C1 Aygo and 107 use cheap material which wears away at 25000. I wish I could take it for a check and not have someone con me.
  5. August 2019 same time as it's MOT.
  6. It got through its MOT in August and nothing was put on the watch list. Nobody said they need replacement it's just I was advised when I had my C1 to have brakes done at 24000 or every 5 years. Must admit no red light so I'm not sure what to do.
  7. Thank you all very much. I brought the car new and it's got 23000 on the clock. My previous C1 had pads and shoes changed on the front and kwikfit also changed the discs on rear. Not sure the rear needed changing. I considered mrclutch but I've read bad things so probably I'll go to Toyota and get pads and shoes changed. Thanks again
  8. I need the front brakes done on my 64 plate old shape Aygo. I'm really confused do I have to have shoes and pads ? or just pads ? Also any recommendations as to where to go please.
  9. The part number is 42603YY080 I'm trying to find cheaper ones non toyota but theres so many any ideas how I can buy cheaper ones that will fit ?
  10. The part number for mine is 42603YY080 Do you know if I can buy non genuine toyota ones cheaper ?
  11. Thank you everyone. They type of centres I need cost £22 on ebay. I called Toyota who inform me that there are 18 different centers for the aygo/yaris in 2014 alone.
  12. Hello In the last six months I've spent £60 on Alloy Wheel hub centre's for my car. They keep breaking or more likely being stolen. Is there any way to stop thieves removing these centre caps ? I've been paying £20 a time for toyota originals does anyone know how I can get some cheaper. Many thanks