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  1. In my opinion (for what it's worth) the only similarity between the Toyota Hybrid drive and other CVT transmissions is the absence of all the 'right' noises under acceleration. It's only when you look in the rear view mirror that you realise that the car is accelerating as fast or faster than the car behind. Coming to the Corolla from a series of manual Honda Civics, I was impressed by how comfortable and easy going the car was to drive. I have just traded my 1.8 hatchback for the equivalent TS as we needed the extra space for the children's children, so there is a 69 reg with just over 10,000
  2. In the post today I received a 'Certificate of Conformity' from Toyota for the new car. I assume this is because of Brexit. I shall keep it safe, apparently a replacement will set me back £75.00!
  3. Took delivery of our new Touring Sport on Monday. First impressions are all good. We needed the extra space and there really is a significant increase with useful cubbies at the back of the boot and behind the wheel arches. Big bonus is the spare wheel (space saver) as standard. Car feels just as lively as the hatchback and surprisingly is quieter. Quirks are the noise generator for low speed electric only running and the rear view mirror which makes following cars low and wide.
  4. If it's like the Honda system, there will be a hole in the handle of the wheel brace and that links to the other bar to make a winding crank handle.
  5. As far as I am aware, map upgrades are free. The menu screens should not be there when navigating. You have three options for the direction of travel icon when you have the map full screen. Press the thing that looks almost like a ban the bomb sign on the left of the map and it will cycle through the choices. When the map is on the home screen N is always up, unless someone can correct me.
  6. Oh, I don't know. My wife is right quite often.
  7. If the alarm hasn't gone off, that means no-one has tried to get in the car. If you want to test it, make sure the internal sensors are turned on, open the driver's door window, leave the car, shut the door, lock the car, wait 20 seconds, reach into the car and wave your hand.
  8. Reply to Rambler - I am normally a very regular oil checker, but the low mileages I am doing at the moment mean that I am not as conscientious as usual. I checked the oil after the service (obviously!) and didn't notice any problem. I have probably checked it monthly since November last. I suspect this is the first time that I have done it with the engine stone cold, so there may be something in that. It definitely only likes to go in one way so maybe it gets set. Echoing Catlover's comment, modern petrol engines are so clean it's often a challenge to find the oil on the stick. Having had dies
  9. Went to check the oil level this morning, because I'm that sort of guy. Car has been stood in the garage for 48hrs. Took a great deal of effort to pull the dipstick out and it came out with a metallic scraping noise. Cleaned it off and put it back to check the level and it didn't want to go back in. The angle appears to be critical, but it is difficult to see which way the tube bends as it goes down below the manifold. Eventually it went in all the way with the last 2 inches making a metallic scraping noise. It is obviously a tight fit and withdrawing the dipstick pulls oil up the tube so putt
  10. I have a single forward facing Nextbase. The screen is useful to make sure that the camera is actually pointing in the right direction.
  11. I'm going to contradict you there. The car does not need a phone connection to pass tracking details to Toyota. Leave your phone at home and see.
  12. But it's not your phone talking to Toyota, it's the car.
  13. Sorry. My comment got included in the quote. The camera icon which is there when you are providing a hotspot connection is for you to use to provide a camera location if you find one. It is not an indicator that you have live speedcam detection.
  14. Why not switch the lights to full rather than side. Then you will be legal as well as unconfusing.
  15. I cleaned my wiper blades with Autoglym Rubber and Vinyl cleaner and haven't had a problem since.
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