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  1. One of the best ones is from before he needed the wheelchair. He stripped down a motor generator and then moved on to the next phase, but he had put a couple of the magnets in his pocket. For the next ten minutes bits of metal kept leaping off his workbench and sticking to his lab coat. He just peeled them off and kept going.
  2. A double beep is normally associated with a traffic cam warning in my car.
  3. Don't understand that. In my 69 reg 1.8 the electronic handbrake is automatically applied when the 'hold' times out. It should never run backwards if it is in drive anyway. Hold is deactivated if you undo your seatbelt and could drive off if you got out of the car, hence the son et Lumiere show.
  4. Putting the car in Park automatically engages the electronic parking brake. The only way round this is to hit the kill button with the car in D or N, then move the selector to P and hit the kill button again to switch from Accessories to off. This really is only an option in a garage with a level floor. You do not want the weight of the vehicle held by the Park pawl.
  5. That will be the brakes freeing themselves from rust on the discs.
  6. Sorry Tony, absolutely disagree. Front wheel drive cars should never have more grip at the front than the rear as it results in oversteer under braking.
  7. Are you sure that your car has been connected to the Toyota servers by the dealer?
  8. Whilst I don't recognise the terms as such, MyT provides all those functions on my 69 reg Corolla.
  9. Stop driving in Eco mode. Put it in Normal and drive as if you have mug of hot coffee on your lap.
  10. Map successfully updated! What a faff. Like others above, my purchase disappeared after I printed off the validation code. After trying other browsers with the same result I found that if you opened e-shop in a new tab then the 'purchases' option reappeared and I was able to download it to my pc. Uploading it to the car was straightforward, although I recommend that you get out of the car and walk around while it goes through the validation phase - stressful or what?. Once it gets underway you have about an hour and a quarter, just long enough to wash and polish the car.
  11. All the information about your car's state of health and your driving style, route, speed etc are sent to a Toyota server when you switch off. You can then access that data via the MyT app.
  12. Welcome to the world of the Corolla horn, Meep Meep!
  13. This isn't a problem with the Icon Tech!
  14. I've had the update done with its first service today (thank you Listers of Cheltenham!). I still have the SDL option showing above "Toyota online". Should that have been deleted?
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