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  1. I would recommend Mobelec based on personal experience, but I don't know where you would get one. eBay?
  2. Did mine today. Be aware that the opening 'validating updates' screen can take some time, five minutes in my case. About an hour to complete the 21 package update.
  3. Just a thought, but I wonder if driving with the roof open affects the air flow through the battery fan. If the extraction of air through the roof is sufficient to draw air into the car through the battery cooling slot then when the fan starts up there would be nil airflow over the battery.
  4. If you find the steering is a little unnerving, turn off the lane keep assist feature.
  5. RabButler

    MyT app

    See Devon Auto's post above.
  6. I presume this is the boot kit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2r60YLBUrg
  7. Raising the boot floor by six inches is a big compromise, never mind the £500 to do it. How do you secure the road wheel you have replaced with the space saver?
  8. Yes. I pressed 'post' but didn't wait to see if it did before returning to the topic listing.
  9. Posting this a second time as the first attempt appears to have gone down the plughole. Had my first puncture in years on Friday (8th May). Car hadn't been used for a couple of days and the rear tyre was completely flat. The good news was that the tyre pressure alert system worked. I pumped the tyre back up and drove from Tewkesbury to Cheltenham where Formula 1 removed the screw and repaired the tyre while I queued at Sainsburys. The worrying aspect is that had I been somewhere other than home or pumping up the tyre had been insufficient to get me to the tyre place, I would have had to use the TRK and that would have written off a tyre after only 2700 miles. So, I took all the gubbins out of the boot and looked at the 'wheel well'. There is a captive nut to take a securing bolt, but the well looks very shallow even for a temporary spare wheel. I googled Corolla emergency spare and as a result have the following questions: 1. I have 16" wheels. Do I need the 17" spare? 2. Does the spare fit under the flimsy boot mat or is a special boot floor required? 2. Has anyone actually fitted an emergency spare to a 1.8 Corolla Hybrid hatchback? We chose the 1.8 over the 2.0 because we needed the larger boot. I would not be keen to compromise the boot space by having to raise the boot floor and I know that punctures are few and far between(!), but I am now slightly nervous of getting stranded in the current lockdown period if I get another screw in a tyre.
  10. RabButler

    MyT app

    I queried Toyota IT services about MyT not working properly and got an answer back saying they were hoping an update would fix it. Well I just updated the app and the route data is back on my device so maybe their optimism was justified.
  11. RabButler

    MyT app

    I noticed yesterday that MyT stopped reporting my car journeys on Saturday. No other indications that the car can't communicate, so I am assuming it is a central server issue.
  12. Significantly less in the 2.0 than the 1.8.