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  1. It means you get to listen to the radio a bit longer before the car won't start.
  2. I hear that Toyota are waiting for George R R Martin to send in the final version!
  3. Do you by any chance have a dash cam hardwired into the car or some other device that might be activated while the car is parked?
  4. Louie, you really need to read the user manual!
  5. As for the fuel consumption displays; I find them a bit confusing, but have settled for showing average fuel for the journey in the 'home' screen of the infotainment system. It shows between 67 and 75MPG for most of my trips, but I really only use it to compare journeys rather than believe the figures. Tank topping shows mpg in the high 50s. Check how much your speedo overreads (it will be +4 to 6mph) using GPS (TomTom or smartphone app). This is very helpful for making progress in 50mph limits!
  6. I'm presuming that you don't want to use the 'off' button?
  7. Press the up/down/left/right buttons on the left hand steering wheel control and you will change the display in your speedometer.
  8. The second issue is easy to explain. There are no apps in the estore. Jam tomorrow!
  9. Even with brake hold switched on, if you take pressure off the brake pedal before the orange 'hold' lights up, the car will move forward, engine running or not. I manoeuvre my car in and out of the garage without my seatbelt on (so brake hold doesn't work) and I have become very aware how easy it would be to have unintended movement. I am surprised that the collision avoidance radar didn't scream and jam on the brakes.
  10. Despite being made in the UK, they can't spell board! Ironically the reduction in traffic caused by lockdown increases the chances of a nail type puncture as there are fewer vehicles to either knock it out of the way or pick up the puncture themselves.
  11. I would recommend Mobelec based on personal experience, but I don't know where you would get one. eBay?
  12. Did mine today. Be aware that the opening 'validating updates' screen can take some time, five minutes in my case. About an hour to complete the 21 package update.
  13. Just a thought, but I wonder if driving with the roof open affects the air flow through the battery fan. If the extraction of air through the roof is sufficient to draw air into the car through the battery cooling slot then when the fan starts up there would be nil airflow over the battery.
  14. If you find the steering is a little unnerving, turn off the lane keep assist feature.
  15. RabButler

    MyT app

    See Devon Auto's post above.