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  1. Not having an engine cover enables me to see at a glance whether the rats are eating the wiring.
  2. Funny that. Works perfectly for me for the last three years.
  3. Just sold a 2007 Yaris Zinc via Motorway. Dealer turned up late (long story) and then proceeded to haggle over the price because "the rear wheel arch liners were missing". As far as I could tell, the car had never had liners there, although the mounting points were clear to see. The elderly lady owner had never had any work done on the rear suspension, so there was no reason for them to be removed. Does anyone know if the 2007 Yaris actually had liners fitted?
  4. Because it's so difficult turning the switch to put the rear wiper on!
  5. If you have to fit a child's seat in the back, the TS is the one to go for. I reckon the TS looks better too, and you don't get your trousers dirty from the rear bumper when you load the boot!
  6. If you did your update direct via WiFi to the car, it does not contain all the data that comes via the data stick transfer method.
  7. Try this - nope that doesn't work either!
  8. As bigblock said. On your USB stick you need the full FMU folder, i.e. one level up from what you currently have. I think you could create a folder called FMU on the USB stick and then just drag the six files into it. It is quicker than transferring the whole lot again.
  9. Was that the full 12.5gb update?
  10. More accurately, you need to be connected to the internet. You can also do that by connecting your phone to the car and using the phone's internet connection. You also do not have to drive around while the map updates. You can sit in the car reading the paper with the car in 'ready' mode. If you turn off the Aircon, the engine will probably only come on a couple of times. Took just over a hour for me.
  11. If it's like my 2021 TS, it will make a noise like a stone trapped against the disk. It's safer to assume that pedestrians will not hear you coming.
  12. https://www.toyota.co.uk/tme#/my-toyota/ Then click on the maps and apps picture.
  13. Went through the same process with my Corolla and LV. Turns out that it is a redundant question as the Corolla insurance premium is not affected by its tracker status. The tracker question is applicable to highly stealable cars eg Range Rover etc. LV will only insure them if they do have a proper tracker fitted.
  14. As far as I can tell, the 1.8 hybrid engine is programmed to prioritise getting the engine to working temperature. This is why attempts to complete short journeys from cold in Eco mode always fail. I would expect the 1.8 to be at least as quick to warm up as the 2.0.
  15. I have Park Assist on my 1.8 TS Icon Tech. I have used it once to try it out, but it's really to much faff. The switch to activate it is down on the right hand side by the headlight adjuster.
  16. Surely the boot floor and supports from the 2.0 ltr hatchback will fit?
  17. You can change the door locking protocol via your Toyota account.
  18. Ahah, interesting! When my windscreen was replaced by Autoglass (motorway stone strike) they fitted acoustic glass. It is so effective that we are now constantly irritated by all the noises we couldn't hear before. I hadn't realised that it wasn't a like for like replacement.
  19. If the engine did not drive the car and simply charged the battery, it would not be a hybrid, it would be an EV with auxiliary generator like the BMW I3. The ICE powers the car when speed/load exceeds the capability of the battery/electric motor. In use, it is seamless and is the easiest car to drive that I have ever driven. Enjoy!
  20. Most likely, no. The car is programmed to get the ICE up to working temp as a priority. A self-charging hybrid is not a suitable choice if you want to get to and from work/shopping using electric power only.
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