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  1. I just noticed your post on upgraded headlight bulbs, where did you buy them and what bulbs are they?
  2. Thec actually fit! (sort off...) The calipers and rotors mounted up without any modifaction. But to center the rotor in the caliper i need to move the caliper 3mm out. I'm probably going with the easy solution and buying a 3mm spacer and turn it down in the lathe. Sorry for the horrible lighting.
  3. Cusco makes an LSD for the IQ if you have the 6 speed manual transmission. Part no. 909c15 I have not bought it, so some reasearch should be done before ordering.
  4. Last week i picked up some new wheels for the IQ for the summer season, I was shocked that i could actually fit 4 wheels and tires in the car. The next day just had to try them out! Im pretty happy with them, just need to lower it now. Im still unsure if coilovers or loweringsprings is the way to go, as I want to keep the ride comfort reasonable. As for the brakes i was talkong about in my previous post, im picking them up early next week if the seller accepts my offer for them.
  5. Started researching a cheap and effective "big brake kit" might have found something in the Toyota family, and seems to be a direct bolt-on. The upgraded front caliper is has a 60mm piston(it is still a single piston caliper) over the original 48mm piston on an IQ caliper. The brake rotors are 275mm, stock IQ is 255. The only downside is added rotating mass. Might look for a two-piece rotor to replace it later for a lower weight. I will be picking these up early next month. Hope they fit.
  6. Hello, I have been browsing the forum for a week or so now and it turns out to be a great knowledge base, I bought my Toyota iQ a month ago today and I love it so far. This is sort of an idea or intro into my plans for the car. It has the 1.4 D4-D engine, and the premium leather interior with navigation, which i think is rare here in Norway. It was supposed to be just a daily driver and I was going to leave it 100% original.. . But the bug bit me... Im looking for upgraded suspensionparts, interior modifications, wheels, tires and engine improvements. I was thinking of
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