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  1. I have a service plan, strangely paid over 2.5 years but covers 3 services so technically 3 years
  2. My onboard counter is showing 47mpg but I've started using 'fuel log' app which is showing only 42mpg. Although the car is a month old so maybe still running in, I drive like a grandma so more than a bit disappointed that it isn't higher
  3. Really? I can only speak for myself but if the manufacturer fits a style of lights for a car then those are suitable for the car. But then again I have projector lights on my Aygo. You should have been in the seat of the Jimny my previous ride. That was like having a head torch on in the backseat
  4. The problem is with the high powered LED lights out there - they are just to dazzling to oncoming traffic, even some behind you is horrific. Also there are so many badly adjusted lights, 1 looks fine while the other looks like it can take your retina out, even with the privacy glass on the car.
  5. The dash lights up but until you physically switch the button it doesn't light.
  6. Never had a car that did that - light for the rear demister comes on only when you switch on the demister. Why would it come on with the headlights 🤔
  7. Where are the points, do you have someone that can set to work on the sealant and save some money?
  8. Sorry I don't know - I moved onto streaming in the end as could only get it to download as an album if ripped from a CD. Never used Media Monkey but it's worth a shot, it's crap having to change it like I did!
  9. It's an Apple thing - used to have the same issue myself when trying to download from ripped iTunes onto a Sony player. After many goes I had to revert to 01, 02, etc at the start of the track list. I think it's something embedded in the files as you're not using an iPhone as a player. That's why I'm Android - I don't use Apple anymore! If you have the CDs then you used to be able to rip via Windows media player that did the tracks in album order.
  10. Hi What platform do you use to load music onto the stick? Are they mp3?
  11. Yeah we were literally right by it, even tried inside when I got in to try the key. Thanks, will give it a go tomorrow in the same spot and see - just to satisfy my own mind!!
  12. My x-play 2019 has guidelines- came standard on the camera. My 'cheap Aygo' bugbear is the state of the inner wheel arches, they're shocking but I suppose we get what we pay for......pffft!!
  13. Would that affect the central locking, are there certain places that would interfere? Conscious that I'll end up stuck somewhere!
  14. Evening All! Been out and about today in the new car, loving every minute of driving this little dream. However tonight when we were shopping I parked up and hit the lock on the remote and.....nothing! I tried the unlock and neither button would work. Got back in and started the car ok so the immobiliser worked but on getting out and trying the fob again still nothing. Car had been fine all day. Drove home and pulled onto the drive and clicked the fob - locked not a problem! Any ideas on what could be this issue? Like an idiot I didn't think to try the key in the lock when the fob didn't work to see if it might be a fob or central lock issue.
  15. Thanks!! Paul, love the Avatar - Happy memories of Battle of The Planets 😁