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  1. Gracias! That's basically a confirmation of what I thought it to be. I will continue investigating it.
  2. Sorry didn't realize you are supposed to do a self-intro... Well, I'm Thomas, based in Murcia, Spain. Long time Haines manual type home DIY auto servicer and occasionally a repairer. Had this Corolla since 2012, though I think its coming to its used by date. Had the cam belt changed again at 22000km and injectors renewed too. Well maintained, except for not servicing the brakes for a year or so, been busy.
  3. Hi, Can a worn DMF cause engine flat spots (severe) to almost stalling ? This has occured at pulling away and also at motorway driving. I don't feel any vibration from the engine and all gear changes are fine, no banging or knocking noise either. And these stall symptoms are very irregular, most of the time the engine accelerates perfectly. The back story to this is I recently renewed the clutch at 240K km but kept the old flywheel (against the Toyota mechanics advice, because the old DMF did have a bit of wobble in it) - basically my excuse is their clutch replacement quote didn't include a new DMF (and they did say they didn't usually need to renew the DMF when I asked about about DMF in the summer when I got the quote). So when during the job they said it needed a new DMF as well, I just said no, stick the new clutch with the old DMF and see how it goes. So sure this stalling issue could be due to that. (Lesson: change the DMF with the clutch or don't do it at all). I do also suspect binding brakes because they do rub on the discs a bit at the front on both sides and you can hear a wirling noise at low speed. The brakes are very overdue a service in fact. I've known binding calipers to affect engine stalling but I have had no direct experience of it, and I suppose for that to happen at motorway speed would be a bit odd, hence my doubt. Toyota Corolla D4D 2L 116 Year: 2005. 247000km Thanks Thomas