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  1. Hi chaps, I'm having the same problem on My 2006 Rav4 T180, smokes when upto temperature and has an acrid smell like unburnt diesel? I think it may be the 5th injector (at least that's where I'm going to start.) A diesel specialist I spoke to said they have seen a few problems like this and suggested I checked the 5th injector as they can start to leak 🙈 I was quoted £450 for the injector from Toyota 😔 Did you cure the problem on yours?
  2. Did you ever get the problem fixed? I'm having the same issues
  3. Hi all, My rav4 blows out white/grey some when upto temperature and stinks like paraffin, it's a 2006 Dcat T180. Its not using oil or coolant. Anyone any ideas on what's wrong?