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  1. No Granite option ... :o
  2. AMH


    Interesting thread. My wife and I are both have cars insured with Direct Line - have been with them for years (10+) ... This year I tried pricing via their website before renewing and it was nearly £100 cheaper for me and £60 on her Focus - so rang renewal line - explained price variation and after a "chat" we got the renewal over the phone at the lower web price - same cover / same excess the lot - really pee'd me off but got a good result. Well worth trying - though this year we intend changing insurer due to some DL issues we are currently experiencing with the Focus - but that is another story ...
  3. Just been invited to Slough tomorrow (Sat 21 Apr) to participate in an article for AutoExpress mag - involves driving 3 x 10 mile circuits - once "urgently", once in own "economy" style and once using "pro-economy" style. Should be an interesting trip - anyone else been contacted / going ? Andy.
  4. Agree something needs doing but not this - why invest in all new technology that will cost US a fortune, if it works at all. One option could be to drop tax discs and add revenue charges to fuel price - this way big cars and high mileage users would pay more and low users less - and the tax dodging scrotes could not dodge it ... and we would gain from foreign traffic (we have to pay their tolls after all) - all using the existing tax collection process already in use ... Admitedly that is a bit simplistic as it means all roads would be paying same charge and Government would not be able to control specific road use / costs and I am sure all petrol lawn mower users etc would be up in arms :D Just my opinion - don't shoot me ... B)
  5. Anyone else seen this and signed up ? http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/traveltax/?showall=1
  6. As someone who is currently recovering from a bone marrow transplant you better believe tales like that and make the most of every day given folks ... :P
  7. Does it have ABS and A/C - some of the special editions didn't ... I bought A 5dr one a few years ago from a local main dealer who assured me it did have ABS - to cut a long story short I exchanged it back for my old PX'ed 3dr RAV under the Toyota 14 day exchange scheme (even though it took a couple of months and I had done 2,600 miles in the 5dr one by then !!). If it does not have at least ABS and you still want it haggle hard as most buyers like the additional safety this offers and it could be harder to sell on later without it. Just my 2p worth ...
  8. Nice choice Ian - what year and miles ?
  9. Hi Sandy Welcome. Re: boot door catch - best mod so far - greatly improves practicality - 10 - 15 minute job - genuine Toyota part so no warranty issues - just make sure you fit something reflective to door edge and don't leave the door wide open when parked at road side at night - the only reason we get the smaller opening is UK lighting regs - the spare conceals the rear lights ... Andy.
  10. Just been through all this myself and ended up fitting a tow bar and using a Pendle unit. Roof systems - roof very high for lifting, risk of damage, muddy bikes drip all over roof ... Spare wheel system - risk of over-loading mount / hinges, still need electrics for light board, needed 3 bike capacity, Thule USA do a really neat unit but not imported into UK (even contacted Thule to ask and contact was very negatative !!). Went for tow bar option - yes expensive solution but allows me to carry up to 4 bikes very securely, with the option of towing should it ever crop up. I already had the Pendle kit from a former car so decision was also biased (but remember you too will have that advantage in the longer term if choosing a similar solution). FYI I have the TTE twin exhaust and had to extensively modify the tow bar to fit my Witter bar - if anyone else has this issue contact me for info. if it helps ... Andy.
  11. Just had a Witter bar fitted to mine (today actually !). The one on my previous 3 dr (1997 model) was a Witter bar but only had one fairly low setting - this was to ensure ball cleared the door. The new bar has 2 height settings - one is low for ball to clear door - the other gives an increased height but stops the door opening - I have mine set high as I am only using it for a Pendle bike rack. Witter do a detachable ball fitting for the bar - so you could use the high setting and then remove the ball when not hitched up. Hope that all makes sense ... Oh - and I have the TTE twin exhaust which meant I had to spend all morning cutting and shutting the towbar so it would clear the LH pipe - but that's another story !! Andy.
  12. Err - ummm - no :D On all counts :P Mind you I did have a 3dr on std 215 / 70 tyres, then went to Lexus on 40 series 17's (lowered on TTE springs too) and now have Granite RAV on 235 / 55 17's - I think a standard RAV would run a little smoother as they are on slighty higher profile tyres. The noise got better once I did the sound insulation but the "one big box" format will never make it as quiet as a good saloon ... I find the driving experience, surprising turn of speed and cheap (very compared to the IS) running costs more than make up for a little extra noise. Lexus - £880 on one service alone - RAV less than £190 on two services. Lexus - new tyres all round every 12k at £450 a round - RAV on 20k and tyres still like new. Lexus - alloys a continual kerbing concern - RAV no problems ! Lexus and RAV fuel and insurance about the same. Lexus - cruising at 90mph the norm - RAV keeps me at sub 80mph - OK still wrong but better ! Think I'll stick with RAV's for a while now.
  13. Don't sell the RAV even after you get the Lexus - I had a 3dr RAV - chopped in for Lexus IS and now back with another RAV 3 years later - they are just that good. :D
  14. Don't be put off the RAV just because of the little door opening - you get buy a US spec door catch (simple 10 mins to fit) for circa £60 and have a full 90 degree opening - lots of us have done this mods on here ...
  15. AMH

    Our Rav4 (pic,s)

    Very clean - literally - like the tints too where they are the same grade front and rear - much neater looking than our laws allow ...
  16. Got caught last year in an Avensis company car - left factory in Wakefield to get back to Portsmouth at 4:30pm on a Friday - walked to car park - flat rear - no problem I thought - jacked car up - put on spare and prepared for drive home - except it was a space-saver - 50mph max and 100 miles max - umm - so how does that help ? Luckily we found a local tyre shop and the original was repairable before they shut ! I have now vowed never to buy a car that relies on run-flats or space-savers - no practical use at all. Sure others will be along to shoot me - but that's just my 2p worth :)
  17. AMH


    Welcome ... Hair dryer is the way to go - will be interesting if the paint has faded below - what colour is your RAV ?
  18. AMH

    Is It Worth It?

    I'll second that - and it would still only get you into an outdated model too - not that the new one seems too popular around here yet
  19. Pretty certain you cannot do it ... The rolling diameter is too different - think the manual mention changing tyres in pairs to stop cross-diff issues and I am sure the police will take an interest in the differing sizes - space savers come under different rules as they are specifically marked etc ... Think you may need to search for the correct spare too ...
  20. Many thanks - I just know another mod is coming ... :)
  21. AMH

    Spare Wheel

    That really annoys me - why can't people leave others things alone - worth getting new nuts I would think - maybe even fit old ones and a new one to spare just to hinder the prats even more next time ....
  22. Sorry for the delay in replying - just looked up the tweeter info looks like you were right re: price (just don't let my missus find out ! :P ): Part numbers (for 2004 5dr Granite) - worth double checking before ordering: 86160-42090 speaker - rh 86160-42100 speaker - lh 67491-42040 channel (cover) 67492-42040 channel (cover) Prices: Tweeters are £28.30 each +vat Covers (channels) are £10.00 each +vat So easy to fit as wiring connector already under door panel. One thing - can you tell me whether you have to cut the Toyota speaker connectors off when fitting the Aplines and which wire goes where if you did ... Cheers Andy.
  23. AMH

    Spare Wheel

    Was someone trying to nick it - I have a locking nut on mine and they were all tight last time I looked ... Hope the paint is not too damaged - unsure how the tyre rubbed unless it was while loose
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