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  1. I have used those soft furniture pads (what You use under chair feet etc. to not scratch floor) to places where they can't been seen. Just find the panel wich makes the sound, remove it and put those pads behind panel where the sound comes and install panel back. Usually sound comes when plastic touches plastic. Those pads have adhesive side and they are easy to remove if needed, and they are easy to cut smaller pieces with scissors.
  2. I got my 2010 T27 refrigerant system refilled at dealer service couple month ago and the machine what does that job check also if there is any leaks. No leaks detected, but it still doesn't provide as cold air as my previous E12 Corolla did. I've noticed that it is a huge difference at fan speed (in auto mode) if i put 21 degrees celsius instead 19 degrees celsius. Maybe these early T27 (I don't know if later models have same problem) have weak air con compressor. This self diagnose method didn't gave any trouble codes: http://www.cardiagnostics.be/-now/Self Diagnose Toyota Corolla ECC-pa
  3. Is it trouble/fault code what techstream gives? If it is, You should erase codes. Fault codes doesn't disappear without removing manually with techstream.
  4. Just like Brn wrote. There is no screws at all.
  5. And note to everyone who install handle/sunglass holder. When those metal clips and handle/holder is installed, don't pull it anyhow. Those plastic covers/plugs tight those metal clips and hold everything nice and firm.
  6. Like flash22 said, USB stick must be formatted FAT32 and do I remember right that Toyota's headunits support only 16-32gb sticks?
  7. Could it be that car with alarm system is unable to have sunglass storage in the reading light cluster? There is probably interior movement sensor etc behind that trim. Maybe only solution is to get that grab handle storage like You did. I would keep factory wiring with alarm system to know it works properly.
  8. I think it was somewhere between B and C. It took some force but not full hand strength. I opened brake fluid reservoir cap before piston rewind to release pressure (I'm not sure if it helps anything).
  9. Propably speed camera alert. I think it can be set off at navi's settings.
  10. My 2010 Avensis didn't need anything to be done, than EPB normal button release, ignition off, gear to 1st and just manually rewind piston. I used a tool similar than this: Left side anti-clockwise and right side clockwise. And when rewinding pistons, You should also check the brake fluid at reservoir that the brake fluid level doesn't get too high.
  11. Is the genre set to MP3 file itself? If You are copying those MP3 from a computer to USB and using Windows, click right click at MP3 file -> Properties -> Details and check there what genre says. You should also be able to change that.
  12. I changed brake pads and discs while ago to my T27 and it didn't need any diagnostics. I checked with Techstream fault codes after brake replacement and there was no any fault codes and EPB works like a charm.
  13. I haven't ever done that job. That idea came when I saw Your pic.
  14. Does it give any more space if You raise an engine's back side? Carefully jacking up at firewall's side of engine so the bolt is pointing little bit downwards?
  15. Oh, I didn't notice car is diesel. So yes, EGR can cause those lights to dash.
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