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  1. Here in Finland we have at 95E10, 98E5 and in Shell 99E5 (V-Power) at gas stations.. So 98 and 99 have little less amount of ethanol than 95. I use 98 and havent got any issues in my 1.8i T27.
  2. Hi Niko! Are You using 98 or 95 petrol? I live in Finland too, and with 98 i have no problems at all (i havent try 95 in my car).
  3. JiiN


    Maybe one way to check wich one is leaking (door or windscreen), strip off those panels and pour some water straight around windscreen to check windscreen seals. It could maybe show if seals around windscreen leaks.
  4. So now i've upgrade my head unit to 59005. It was simple task to do. It was pretty much color-to-color soldering and i connected even those aux cables. I haven't found anywhere that cable to usb port (asked many many wreck yards) so i ordered this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dash-USB-Port-Panel-3-5mm-AUX-USB-Extension-Cable-for-Toyota-Camry-Corolla-/224337368856?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 and this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/293373079756 Oh, and this image was pretty helpful in this whole project :
  5. I have no idea. I haven't done it.
  6. I think it is little hard in every car to get 1st gear when car is still moving.
  7. What is the part number to usb/aux cable? Port is 86190-02070(?), but that cable between radio and port part number looks impossible to find.
  8. Well.. It must be attach definitely properly. I've got instant scenario pictured in my head where that thing drops off in highway speed and slams in to a car behind.
  9. It is good if i could even somehow help You! I havent install new head unit yet but it is pretty clear how to do it.
  10. I can't see reason to protect speakers any more than they are originally protected. And to other question: if You add more speakers to head units one speaker wire. the resistance changes (this case 4Ω -> 2Ω) and head units amplifier gets more hot than with one speaker and in worst scenario You'll see smoke behind the head unit.
  11. Good to hear that speakers sound improved! I kept also those rear speaker connectors. Those Alpine speakers have (front) 85w rms and (rear) 80w rms handling and that amplifier gives 45w rms, so i think speakers can handle it pretty well.
  12. I have no idea what You are meaning in this message..? It is most likely that connector. Like i said earlier try to use that multimeter so You can be 100% sure wich wire is wich!
  13. Can't remember right now but i recommend You to take head unit off at the same time You install those speakers and check those wires with multimeter.
  14. Yep, just like that. And now i've been figured out now how to install that.
  15. I'm pretty pleased right now with the sound. And right now i'm thinking the 59005 installation to my car.
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