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  1. As I understand it the 12v battery isn't very large in capacity. As it charges direct from the traction battery very quickly.
  2. BigR1ch

    MPG Rav4

    i'd agree with that, the MPG calcs are pretty close to actual tank calcs.
  3. BigR1ch

    MPG Rav4

    Hi, I would expect high 40's to low 50's with the latest model, if you drive it carefully and utilise electric only as much as possible.
  4. I can confirm that only ICON without Sat Nav cannot have the upgrade. If it has Sat Nav, like mine, it can have the update. It works really well.
  5. Had the ACP/AA update yesterday as part of the first service. All seems to be working well from initial tests and the home screen map now orientates to match the main Map screen. So very happy.
  6. Hi. I came from a 2016 CX5 diesel to the lastest model of Rav4. Space wise the Rav4 is far bigger inside and is more comfortable. For example the arm rests in the doors are awful and hard as hell. I cannot comment on the Petrol CX5 but the Hybrid RAV4 is much better on the fuel than the diesel was, so i would assume that it will be leaps ahead compared to the Petrol. Again it will be down to pesonal preference and a test drive. but I'm glad i moved away from the CX5 to the RAV4.
  7. Thanks, have they made a difference to the dirty getting flung up the side of the doors?
  8. Thanks for that. I'll get a set I think.
  9. Yes that is cheap, do you have the part code. as mine is filthy with all the mud on the lanes round here
  10. was that for a full set?
  11. I've just got to get to the first service, only 5000 miles on the clock 😞
  12. Hi i had much the same experience. I changed the sensitivity and then since then I've had one to alerts, one when overtaking a parked car without signalling and when when an idiot cyclist decide that he would come striaght at me. So it does work, but takes a lot to activate even on the highest setting
  13. That might be he best option. I used https://www.polishedbliss.co.uk/dr-leather-dye-block but it needed to be reapplied regaularly
  14. Just a heads up, Will be a bugga to keep clean. I had cream leather in my previous CX5 and was forever cleaning them. Highlight recommend getting a good quality dye block added to the seats to stop dye transfer and invest in a high quality leather cleaner. Never again will i have light coloured leather.
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