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  1. I have a Rav4 Icon with Sat Nav ordered as a company car, that has an estimated delivery date of 24th Jan, Inchape have advised that it is due into the uk in the next couple of days. Does anyone know the date that the ship is due to reach the UK and which port, Trying to work out if the 24th is a reaslitic delviery date as inchape will not advise until the dealer has taken the delivery.
  2. BigR1ch

    RAV Blind Spot

    Cannot comment on the RAV4. But on my outgoing Mazda CX5 and a friends LR RR, The passenger Blind spot monitor only activates if a vehicle approaches you from the rear. if you pass a vehicle it doesn't activate. I think that is to stop false alerting. hope that helps
  3. That will be a nice New Year Bonus. 🙂
  4. I've got an 2wd Icon model coming as a company car via inchcape, due for delivery end of January and I've noticed that on the Specson my order it now states Apple car Play and Android auto as a standard option. Now not sure if that is truth or a lie. Will have to wait and see when it arrives. I'm guessing it is a lie so not getting my hopes up.
  5. I've used on previous cars as they are really well built, but with the shape of the RAV4 boot not sure they would be the best option, might look at Hatchbag. thanks
  6. Another Question has anyone sourced an alternative to the expensive Toyota Door Sill protectors, there doesn't seem to be many options currently available? thanks in advance
  7. Any idea why not avialalble on the Icon?
  8. Do you have a link to this please. looks a great upgrade. thanks Richard