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  1. TBH, with AA/ACP why do we actually need a Sat Nav in the car? Fomr my point of view had AA/ACP been available at the point of purchase i wouldn't have ticked the Sat Nav option and just used AA/ACP, whichis much better.
  2. How are they ment to deflect bugs. Maybe a silly question, but cannot understand how it works.
  3. Surprise Surprise, another update on the app this morning and Remote Park is no more.
  4. LOL. I also have the button. pressing it with Bluetooth on Crashes the app. Switching bluetooth on it opens then tells you to switch on Bluetooth, once that is done, it flashes up and crashes the app. Obviously well tested, before release.
  5. So what does it actually do?
  6. Who knows Devon. All i can tell you is that i was doing 60 mph on an A road. Auto Main beam happily working as oncoming vehicles approached dipping and then back to full beam as they passed. Then a car went passed, lights dipped, then failed to return to full beam. The funny thin was that High Beam would work unless the stick was pulled towards you (as if to flash) pushing away wouldn't work in any light setting (Manual, Auto with or withou AHB) AHB light on dash dissapeared and only a restart of the car re-enabled Full Beam to work. Will ask the Dealer to check it out on the service in 2 weeks time. As this appears to be a unique occurance.
  7. As per the Handbook Activating the Automatic High Beam system: Press the Automatic High Beam switch. Push the lever away from you with the headlight switch in the auto or dipped position. The Automatic High Beam indicator will come on when the system is operating. So in the situation i had. AHB switch was on Headlight lever was pushed away into High beam on position. was working fine then stopped working mid drive. Turning the AHB switch off and back on and/or moving the headlight lever didn't re-enable highbeam. Moving the lights from Auto mode to On on the stalk also didn't allow the high beam to switch on. Only a full restart of the car fixed it 😞
  8. Mornign everyone, just a quick question, has anyone had the issue where the auto mainbeam suddenly stops working mid drive and mainbeam cannot be manual enabled, other than holding on the mainbeam stalk on. Had this on Saturday night, working fine then just stopped. The only thing that fixed it was to pull over, turn off the car, count to 10 and restart and then the system reactivated. Going in for a service in a few weeks time so will raise that to them. thanks
  9. BigR1ch

    New BZ4X

    https://mag.toyota.co.uk/all-new-toyota-bz4x-makes-world-debut/ Thought I'd share this... Available mid 2020
  10. TBH WR Davies are great I got my RAV4 from their Telford Dealership and have it serviced at their Shrewsbury Dealership. Both really friendly, (cannot comment on the Sales side as it is a company car so didn't deal with them direct). But have been very helpful and knowledgeable. Will use them again as the wife is due a new car in the next couple of years and hopefully they will have some full small sized EV models by then.
  11. EDITED - are you in the UK? if so try below try https://www.roofbox.co.uk/ they have all the RAV4 models listed.
  12. i've got a 2019 model and TPMS screen just shows reset or change tire. nothing else.
  13. This is one of the reasons I've updated to Android Auto and now never use the in built Satnav
  14. I can certainly say that they are solid bars and do not move. I can live with the gap as they are only on the car for a few weeks of the year. But agree i wanted black and aero, and Cruz have fitted the bill well.
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