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  1. Thanks for the reply folks. Although I'm not a fan of the inbuilt system, I'd hate to loose it as at least I know it works (sort of). At least I can see how AA works and go back if I don't like it 😀 Regards jeff
  2. Just a quick answer required, my service is due and I've asked if they can upgrade to Android Auto. I've never used AA but what I'd like to know is, if I don't like it, will the original Toyota system still be available, or is it an either / or? I assume it will be available. Thanks Jiff
  3. Jiff

    MPG issue

    Hi I've got the 1.8 TS Excel and drive carefully but not excessively so. The Handbook says normal mode provide an optimal balance of fuel economy, quietness ... so that's what I do. I can moderate my acceleration on my own, but like to know that, if I've made a mistake, I can floor the throttle and get out of a situation. I've had the car just over a year though have done very little mileage (3375) in that time but have achieved 59.2 MPG as a years average which I think is good. It does vary from winter to summer so now is not a good time to check. I've got a spreadshee
  4. You're lucky if a small dog didn't set it off. In my car it was a moth & only at night, I think it was fluttering about trying to get to a nearby streetlight. I spotted it during one investigation it flew up to the interior light. I still didn't catch it, either it flew out or died as the problems stopped shortly before the rodents ate the wiring in the engine compartment. It's been an interesting end to a year to forget. Jeff
  5. Jiff

    Mud Flaps

    I was told by insurers tell us anything that's different, for instance if you're say a Liverpool supporter and have a supporters badge fixed to the car, when you park in say Millwall or Chelsea etc. etc. your car may be more likely to be vandalised so they may up the premium. Also adding anything may increase the repair cost, for instance the mud flaps etc have a cost so they may not cover them if you hadn't told them. Just remember insurers don't like paying out money. Don't make it easy for them to find fault. I'm on page 3 of my notes re my rodent wiring damage claim at present. They
  6. From my manual it says Before recharging When recharging, the 12-volt battery produces hydrogen gas which is flammable and explosive. Therefore, observe the following precautions before recharging: ●If recharging with the 12-volt battery installed on the vehicle, be sure to disconnect the ground cable. ●Make sure the power switch on the charger is off when connecting and disconnecting the charger cables to the 12-volt battery.
  7. Jiff

    Mud Flaps

    You can just see the bumper protection if you zoom into the rear of the main picture. Its a black plastic strip which covers the corner or the rear bumper to help protect it if you pull things in and out of the boot. I sit in the boot to take off muddy boots after a walk so it stops the boots from scratching the bumper, ( I can't bend to much nowadays 😄) its not much of a thing for the price. I think they do an aluminium version as well. The scuff plates are similar for the door cills to help stop scratching them. The picture is from ebay, I think mine is similar the price was for front a
  8. Jiff

    Mud Flaps

    Hi AKLZ Here are my photos posted previously. I had these fitted at the dealer so no personal experience. In Nov 2019 the mud flaps cost £94.20 fitted, Bumper protection £75.94, & scuff Plates £160.12. A steal (from me from the garages point of view. 😠) but I didn't want any comeback on warranty etc. Remember to tell your insurers, it may be considered a modification
  9. Insurer will cover it, though it took 2 days to sort that. The Toyota manual shows how to repair it, strange they have a method but won't do it! I'm not sure what replacing the loom means? To do it all, I'd imagine they'd have to remove a lot of trim internally to do that, not that I know where the cables are routed. Next have to try and recover my excess from the opera singer 😬
  10. Toyota got back to me this evening, new loom required, they won't do a repair. Cost £1500. Tried a Toyota repairer (not dealer) they said the same. Phoned my insurer & I'm told they may cover it, just waiting for a call back 🤞. All this for parts that are probably worth (not cost) about £1. I've already spent about £80 on deterrent /extermination items & £75 for the look. 😬
  11. Thanks Bob, off to Toyota today hopefully it won't be too expensive. They still wouldn't tell me how much it'd cost to do what i asked, not necessarily whst needs doing! Good to know the seals just pop out. I've got the crimp connectors & tool as recommended on the connector book plus the silicone tape it says to use, so i could do that if needed. Tony Toyota said they'll check all the cables, so at least I'll know the full amount of the problem. I've put a few drops of pepermint oil in the engine bay last night hopefully that will keep them at bay until the spray turns up. It just k
  12. Thanks Bob, I understand now. The 82998-12790 are the cables and end parts which fit in the socket, I saw in the manual 500mm so I assume that's the length of the cable though it doesn't actually show one? I assume if I removed the socket, I can remove the old cable and connector and thread in the new cable / connector. There appears to be a "seal" at the top of the socket I presume that can be reused though it looks like the 2 rings in the picture in the manual. Another question is what connector is used to splice the new cable to the old ones in the loom, I assume something like 8
  13. Thanks for all the replies, the forum certainly seems more knowledgeable than Toyota. Bob (Flash22) it does look like part 90980-11875 though I couldn't see how to remove it. I'm guessing if I get a new one it'll be more obvious. I don't think there is anything wrong with it apart from the cable length, though for the price buying a new one seems the easier option than attaching a new cable to the original, provided the cable is long enough. I think the Pigtail you mentioned is the connector for repairing the two ends of cables, is that correct? I found a Toyota cable repair manual online
  14. Hi Started the car this morning after it being idle for 3 days and the engine was juddering. It was fine last time it was used. I opened the bonnet and found something had bitten through part of the cable from the loom running across the front of the engine, and goes to some sort of sensor? for each cylinder. See Photo I've done a temporary repair by soldering new cables, and the engine runs fine. I've also contacted Toyota to find out the cost of repair. What I'd like to know is the following (I use the word sensor but it could be something else) :- A) What is the "s
  15. Bigblock I tend to take thing to ludicrous extremes to work out what is true. From your thinking, if a car travelled 999 miles on electric power, plus 1 mile on the engine & used 1 gallon of fuel, you would say the car did 1 mile / gallon, I'd say it did 1000 miles per gallon. MPG isn't about the engine, it's all about the vehicle.
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