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  1. Hi Timmon, for dropped down to B I meant move the gear shift to B for engine braking. My first automatic car so still think of it as changing down to a lower gear 🤣. I'm going to check with the dealer soon just waiting for my V5 document so I can fully sign into my Toyota & get the dealer to do whatever they have to to get it fully connected. Hopefully the local one will have the 1530 nav update that may make a difference. AndrueC, seems like something wierd happens when the battery is fully charged, which is good to know. I'll mention your issue as well if the dealer can't think of a reason for my issue. Thanks for the replies 👍
  2. Today driving home 190 miles from Devon I had a strange problem which may be software / display related or could in part be normal. I just wonder if anyone has experienced anything similar. I had sat nav set to "go home" and everything was fine for 20 minutes then the main display screen changed to "loading map" with the circular dial just going round & round. It was obvious it wasn't going to load a new map so I thinned the display off as it was distracting. Then I noticed that the clock had stopped. Finally I was going down a long hill and noticed the rev counter going up. Normally when going downhill the wheels charge the battery & the engine is off. I switched the speedo to the eco display and despite the rev counter showing 3000 rpm the eco display showed no charging or drive from the engine, in fact the battery showed all 8 segments full & it still being charged from the wheels. Question, is it likely the engine was running quite fast, or is perhaps ready to provide engine breaking if I'd dropped down to B, or was it just the rev counter being wrong? I couldn't detect the engine running but there was quite a lot of road noise. Another question, it's there anyway to reboot the sat nav whilst still driving. Once I stopped about 2 hrs later it robots fine. I'm still on nav 1520 update. Sorry for the long post I'm not sure if the two issues of the nav & rev counter are related or not. Thanks
  3. I tried to get the 1530 update last week but the dealer said they were waiting for a memory stick as they couldn't download it. They been waiting a month but couldn't get one of those either
  4. Hi still loving the car (apart from infotainment). I've got paper manuals now including the infotainment, I just asked Toyota online and they sent me some 👍. I've just had the update done, I think, just trying to work out what the differences are 🤯. Apart from the locking having been set to drivers door only, all the old niggles still seem to be there 🤔
  5. I've got a 2019 Corolla and on 31st Dec 2019 heading home from Teignmouth, sat nav gave the correct distance & the right time to home. However on leaving a farm & getting onto the highway the sat nav showed us on the wrong road heading in the wrong direction. After about 10 minutes it showed us driving over a cliff & into the English Channel. The land disappeared and we were told to turn right, then silence. I stopped for fuel and when the system rebooted it was fine. It was lucky I knew the way or I might have ended up in the sea. It seems strange that when the system is so wrong it doesn't reboot itself. I wondered if it was atmospherics stopping the satellite signal. But if so I think it should have connected earlier. Very worrying
  6. Jiff

    Roof Rails mottled

    Just to let anybody know it's being done under warranty on early Jan 2020. The warranty guy has never seen anything like this before. It's booked in for 2 days as they've never changed the rails before so don't really know how big a job it'll be!
  7. Jiff

    Roof Rails mottled

    I'm hoping it will be covered under warranty but I know how some company's wriggle. I've tried a damp cloth and car wash fluid and about 1/2 inch square with Autosol metal cleaner but nothing seems to get rid of it. I'm not worried about it if it can be cleaned but can't see how. Hopefully a dealer will know. Perhaps the first production run had a fault? Jiff
  8. Hi just wondered if anyone has come across the mottling on the roof rails on the Corolla TS. I picked the ex demonstrator up last week 8 months old, and discovered the mottling on the roof rails once they dried, which took a few days in the weather we've been having. It looks like the anodising (if that's whats used) has failed. It feels smooth so I wonder if there's a coating on the rails? Is there any way to clean it? Just a gentle rub doesn't work, and I don't want to make it worse. As a last resort how difficult are they to replace? I'll have a chat with the local dealer tomorrow to see what they say, but wondered if anyone has any experience of this sort of thing. Thanks Jiff
  9. I've also had confirmation that the rolling resistance / fuel efficiency is C for the OE tyre, whereas the equivalent run flat is E. So that's probably why they don't use the run flat tyre as OE.
  10. I asked the question because like bewA all the tyre websites showed they were run flat. However as Falkan said the important bit is the B after the 914. That's the designation for Toyota OE and they aren't run flat. Apparently they use the flattened circle as their designation, though I've also seen on web sites RF. Run flat isn't mentioned in the manual like in the Lexus PeteB mentioned, which I'd have thought out would be if they were RF. A decision to be made whether to hope I don't have a puncture in the next 20k+ miles, which its unlikely, or to get spare. I'll probably wait & hope, then change to RF next time. 😕
  11. Well I asked Falken & had a reply, they have confirmed they are not run flat see below:- Thanks for your mail and question. Pls. let me explain. We deliver our Tyre Falken ZE 914B as OE supplier to Toyota. This specification is marked with an B on the end for Toyota OE tyre. Also this tyres have a modified construction in pattern style like ZE914 Ecorun. Tyres where we deliver to Toyota are no Run Flat Tyres. All OE tyres to Toyota are standard tyres. If tyres have Run Flat they must marked with: See image file
  12. Thanks for that confirmation. I had one puncture in the last 8 years, 100 yards from a tyre dealer, in my last car with sealant so have never had to use it. It'll be great to be able to just drive on. I'll still think about getting a spare but do wonder if I'd be able to undo the wheel nuts in any case 🤔
  13. Hi Just got an ex demo 1.8 Corolla TS Excel. The original tyres are Falken Ziex ZE914 B - 225 / 45 R17 91W ECORUN. Looking them up on the web they appear to be run flat though I've not seen anything on the tyres (yet) to confirm this. It seems strange if this is the case that it's not mentioned by Toyota. It'll save the bother of using the sealant if I get a puncture (no spare) They also have the rim protect extra rubber to protect the wheels. I hope they are run flat as I'm not convinced by the sealant idea having never used it. Just wondered if anybody can confirm that they are run flat. I'll have a look at all the codes on the sidewall in the morning. Regards Jiff
  14. Hi Just purchased a 1.8 Corolla Touring Sports Excel ex demonstrator so not new. My first Hybrid & Toyota & automatic, loving it so far. Its quiet and easy to drive & economical. The only issue really is the manual and complicated menu structure. It'd be nice if the Manual didn't refer to the myriad of features which don't appear to be available in the UK, & hopefully I'll be able to change some settings (eventually). Jiff