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  1. Errors P1741 and P1742 fail to appear. But there was new -Р2237.- O2 sensor positive current control circuit\ open B1S1. Intercommunication of vortical shutters and sensor of oxygen?
  2. Today found out the taken off traction with activate the management of Swirl Control Valve. Put at a place, tomorrow I will look the presence of codes of disrepairs.
  3. Are there vortical shutters of the system SVC in this motor? Motor 1WW. 1,6 D4D/
  4. .Hi! My friend advised to do - Conduct the diagnostic session of "SCANER" - "TOYOTA AVENSIS". 5.To make,sure that there are коды of errors of P1471 and P1472 in ECU ENGINE,. 6.In activating of executive devices - to activate the management of Swirl Control Valve. 7.To control a value Swirl Valve Actuator Position (in activating,a value must change in a range from 5 to 95%) in parameters. 8.To make,sure that a vortical shutter is really "stopped" from hammered by the coke of the inlet highway or "dangles" from a wear. 9.To conduct procedure of Swirl Valve Learning Value Reset I heave scanner-Launch 3.0. Car-214600 km.
  5. Hello! How on Toyota Avensis 1,6 D4D to set a cruise? In ECU a function of cruise is. Will it be enough to put the handle of including of cruise on a helm?
  6. But for me transmission mechanical, 6 transmissions?
  7. Frequent short journeys do not assist complete renewal of accumulator. If you tell about beginning this disrepair after setting of additional recorder, then the wires of the power of this recorder module are not correctly connected maybe. I would clean everything in general from motor-car wires, insulated them, and toga measured the current of consumption. Successes!
  8. Hello! For me the same Avensis 1.6 D4D today on a route and showed not much city a 5,1 litre on a 100 km Somehow so.
  9. Thank you! Very glad to join! I love Toyota.
  10. Hi! My name Edward! My car, Toyota Avensis T27, 1,4 d4d, 2015 year, have DTC P1741, P1742. That they mean, and how to repair them?
  11. Hi! My name Edward! My car Toyota Avensis 2015 year, 1,6 d4d.