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  1. Hello! To check a battery a multimeter, it so, and to lock a machine - unlocking is possible the mechanical key - on him the ring of trinket is fastened. From the back of trinket a stop is moved, and a key blade is dragged out. They can mechanically close - to open the door of driver, to lock other doors from within. Successes!
  2. All hello! What size of wheels preferably on Toyota Avensis combi Т27 1,6 D4D? 205/55/16 or 205/60/16? I want to buy the new wheels of Yokohama or Michelin.
  3. The question of sensor of temperature of cooling liquid of engine is yet possible. It is good to look a scintiscanner his temperature at a cold engine. And yet question, on the new candles of incandescence is tension given? A simple relay costs there, near the fuel filter of small box. Is a safety device whole?
  4. Что бы исключить воздух в топливе и непроницаемость топливной системы, перед началом закачки топлива помпу прокачки на топливном фильтре. Должно быть там такое. Топливо возможно для ночных отпусков. Replace a fuel filter.
  5. All hello! In my Toyota Avensis T27 1,6 D4D is system Stop/Start. How is it correct to use to her and what features? That does mean on the display of value Eco odo? I understand it as total time of work of the system for journeys. Is this time converted in what? How to understand the economy of fuel here? Thank you!
  6. Bought from hands a regular chamber from Avensis, connected everything and conducted wiring for 1 hour. Now glad - all works as necessary. A bicycle decided not to invent))) A theme can be closed.
  7. Toyota Avensis T25 2,0 D4D super!!! Only to find living is necessary. Time does not spare an auto.))
  8. The usual power relay of incandescence of candles stands in Toyota. His good condition and good condition of candles of incandescence ECU do not determine. Although the precipice of spool of relay maybe will give in an error. But to determine candles only on a current. So that it maybe actual a code requiring updating of the program to ECU.
  9. Hello! I had Corolla Verso 2006 year with an engine 2,2 D-cat, I changed the driver of sprayers without problems. Successes!
  10. Hello! I have a question about connection of universal chamber of back kind to the head device of Toyota 86140-05200. There are 4 wires on a chamber, on a chart too 4 wires. On a socket 24-pinic D134 of wire in a presence, 11, 12, 23, and 24 pin. On a radio-recorder the signal of including of reverse gear comes, D124 of 2-pin. But at including of reverse gear does not work. What commutation is necessary to be done, what did an universal chamber work? Thank you!
  11. Hello is friends! The pore of replacement of oil came in the engine of my Avensis. What oil is needed for replacement, my nearest dealer has Petronas 5w30, C2, Shell 5w30. What will be better? Run at my machine a 215000 km
  12. Errors P1741 and P1742 fail to appear. But there was new -Р2237.- O2 sensor positive current control circuit\ open B1S1. Intercommunication of vortical shutters and sensor of oxygen?
  13. Today found out the taken off traction with activate the management of Swirl Control Valve. Put at a place, tomorrow I will look the presence of codes of disrepairs.
  14. Are there vortical shutters of the system SVC in this motor? Motor 1WW. 1,6 D4D/