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  1. Two easy options, go to your local car parts shop, and ask if they can check ur alternator out, (should be free check) 👌or run ur car and disconnect the negative lead on ur battery,, if ur car dies straight away, then it's a faulty alternator👍good luck
  2. Als68

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    How much is a used or recon gearbox worth for a toyota 1.8vvti also is their other similar toyotas that the gearbox would fit my avensis 🙏😌
  3. Thinking reluctantly about upgrading my 03avensis 1.8 vvti hatch, how much is it approx worth???
  4. Just spitballing here but check ur 50amp big fuses in both fuse boxes👌
  5. Just spit balling here but defo try the big 50amp fuses in fuse boxes👍
  6. Propa english🤔😁😁😁lol different dialects all over england🤔👌no not had any work done lately, defo not tinsel on ariel 🤔n it's a bit louder than a zip tie around a drive shaft😌and someone's suggested it could be not firing on all cylinders🙄hense coil pack stick👍😏 it's very rare gearbox oil need topping up, but I shall endure to check tht👍thank u for ur input and advice
  7. The flapping noise only occurs when the car is engaged into gears all5"the noise doesn't occur when not in gear,,also noise doznt go when clutch is dipped,, engine revs up good, drives stops steers👌 🙏defo not drive shaft or bearings🤔it's got me baffled🤔😌thanks for input tho👍
  8. I av swooped n tried coil pack stick, as was told cud b tht causing the flapping noise!!! But no different, it stil drives n pulls ok, but flapping noise occurs only wen in gear, any ideas plz?? 🤔 🙏🙄It drivin me nuts🤕
  9. Is their any new updates ie 2019????🤔 I'm scratching my head til my folicules go ded?!!! 🤕Flappin noise only when in gear? Rear heated demister not working?? Any ideas plz
  10. He shud still av it😌and its their for future ref for any one who as the same problem 👌r u good with toyota?? I av few probs with mine?? 🤔 Mod edit: please stop using textspeak
  11. U can buy new faulty bulbs!! Put the bulb in tht works in to the headline tht doznt,,if ur fuses r good, then run wires frm one workin headline to the other, thtll do the trick👍good luck, Mod edit: please stop using textspeak.
  12. Cheers il try relay,, where is pollen filter??? 🤔
  13. Hi thanks for ur reply, my window heater doznt seem to work at all n I don't get any interference via the radio either,, I will av a look at connections ect n see I can shed sum lite on it, cheers for ur info, much appreciated 👍
  14. It shudnt hurt it over charging as most battery charges prevent this frm frying the battery and it take longer than 1n half hour to charge a battery,
  15. Merry Christmas God bless u all🙏all the best for 2020 happy motoring
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