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  1. As a user of Android Auto in my previous car it requires a USB connection and allows you to use Android apps including Google Maps, Spotify, Messenger and other streaming podcast apps.
  2. Hi All, New to this forum and Toyota. Took delivery of a new Corrola TS 2.0 about a week ago. All is going well and I'm more than happy with the car apart from the infotainment system (I'm hoping to be first inthe queue for the Android Auto retrofit but 6 months is a LONG time 🙂 ) When trying to link to the MY T app using the Multimedia system device id I just get an error with no real description. When I try connecting my car using the web app It says that my car already has a device linked to it. My phone is connected via blu tooth and internet access is enabled etc Hope you can help or point me in the direction of another forum topic as I'm sure this question will have been asked before. Many thanks Steve