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  1. OK, that worked beautifully and the two things that bugged me about the car have been sorted! (There really wasn't much!)
  2. You may have saved this Toyota owner's sanity from a thorough thrashing. Thank you!!
  3. I deactivate the seatbelt warning on a 2005 Avensis. I can't move my car around the parking lot without that infernal beeping!
  4. This is pretty much the conclusion I've reached. Perhaps one of those pedal tunes to improve responsiveness but beyond that....nah! Seems my modest dreams of a 300bhp, 400nm, economic, (possibly amphibious) family car for €2500 may not be as achievable as I'd hoped!
  5. I've just bought a 2005 Avensis 2.0 D4D (1CD-FTV). 260,000km (160k miles) I've been thinking of getting a performance chip for it, potentially boosting performance from 116bhp to 147bhp and torque from 280nm to 355nm. Depending where I go that would set me back about €3-500, mainly ordering from the likes of Germany and Belgium. My colleague speaks German so he did some digging, initially for a brand called CPA and then just in general and the consensus on some German forums was "leave well alone"! Either the changes were such that the difference was not very noticeable or the higher temperatures and pressure make small work of turbos, radiators and DPFs. I'd love more go, but not if it means an engine rebuild. So right now, I'm rather put off. What are your experiences?
  6. Hi all, Just acquired and new to me but known to me 2005 2.0 D4D Avensis (1CD-FTV powerplant). So far very happy and it is certainly more spirited a drive than my Citroen C3 or Transit! Still, it's only putting out 116bhp, so no drag car either It's my ex's and she gave me first refusal, and I decided to accept which made my two kids happy too because they like the car. It's getting on but is in surprisingly good nick considering the weather where I live. I expect I'll mainly be picking brains about how a luddite can successfully recognise a decent bona fide performance chip manufacturer and if said luddite can then also install it without having the car blow up. Living in Estonia, tuning shops are not super common although they are around. A lot cater for the drifting scene and so a front wheel drive diesel estate may not be their usual fodder. But I'll leave all that for the appropriate forum. Cheers.