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  1. I've had the EGR of and the pipe that supplies it and cleaned those, but the pipe comes from the exhaust manifold. Me thinks that might be a big job to get that off and clean! 😅😅 Do you know if these engines are prone to making lots of soot/carbon? I could try making a gasket with a small grade mesh in it to stop the lumps coming down the pipe but ideally would like to fix the problem. Cheers for your help BTW. Alan
  2. Yes, when it goes into limp mode I have to take it off and remove the carbon holding the valve open. The lumps of carbon are being produced somewhere else and travelling into the EGR valve and causing the problem, I just can't think why?
  3. Hi there fine people. I have an 07 avensis 2.2 T180 and the EGR valve keeps getting wedged open by lumps of carbon which then puts the car in to limp mode. The valve itself seems to be operating as normal apart from the lumps which must be traveling down the pipe into it and causing the fail. Does anybody know why this is happening? I can only assume that there is a build up of soot/carbon in the exhaust manifold, which then comes loose. Would the afm sensor or any other sensor come to think of it cause such a build up of soot? I have had one of those carbon cleaning peeps out but still does it. Cheers Alan