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  1. It is a tspirit with glass roof but only getting water on the drivers side trim up to the screen height...and it has had a new screen before we got it. No wet on headliner anywhere so think it's the screen . Just hope it ain't the glass roof..paranoid now I gotta search for leaking glass roofs..water must hate me our boat has just been flooded over the river bank and is now stuck on a footpath on the Thames. At least my doors open 👍
  2. Was doing consoles back from ps1 days..back to rear doors... They are open! The double door lock control done it but spent the day repairing the auto sparks damage. Water poured through the right hand under dash today over new control box. So with doors unlocked I have pulled the box back out and the doors all lock and unlock without it sk iam leaving it out till I get a new screen fitted. About 90% sure it's the screen and its easier than trying to get dash apart to find the leak..new screen then dig deeper if it still leaks. Thanks everyone for the inputs. I did look at jumping the solenoid by the 2 fat wires but they are all the same diameter by the looks of it..atleast iam not pulling the grannies in through the window xmas eve when I pick them up
  3. Another red ring of death ?. And its 6 quid to phone (herpes). Got another lock module today so hopefully tomorrow my doors will open
  4. Hermes lost my ECU.. new 1 just ordered so hopefully will get it done by xmas..thanks hermes for wasting my week
  5. Hope yours dont get worse..you might be coming back to this thread later..moving from a merc then bmw to Toyota I still think it's way better than german👍
  6. No hermes again so still not tried the control box. The link dont work on my phone so will try to learn a bit from it with a laptop when I get home tomorrow. Found water coming down the front driver pillar today so am sure the screen is leaking as its had a new one recently. Now to get that refitted before I screw more electrics up..water dripping from bonnet release handle.
  7. If Hermes dont turn up tomorrow I think that is my next step..getting impatient now. Thanks
  8. The spark was trying to jump it from the plug but didn't know the wires..think he must have been crap iam sure google could have told him the pins to jump. Still no Hermes delivery even though it was paid as guaranteed yesterday morning..hopefully by xmas I will sort it Plus side my techstream turned up👍
  9. Cant see anyway to un double lock it from inside...maybe power up the locks through the plug..but if lock was broke I would be stumped on how to open it. Cant imagine you can smash or cut the lock out from inside. As both doors went together I think its probably the control unit water damage occurred when I was driving...is it the double locks that come on when i drive?..hopefully hermes will be here anytime now to get my answer
  10. As usual Hermes let me down on delivery today so no news yet. The spark read fault codes but showed nothing as did my obd software. Read that I need to program the double lock door control when I get it so ordered techstream just incase..hopefully tomorrow will be the answer. IF the lock deadlock broke I still have no idea how to open it..making me panic now. I thought once inside the door it woul6 be possible
  11. The window was the easiest option..it took ages as she is a large old bird..4 of us made it safe
  12. They broke the door loom plug that goes to back door by closing the drivers door with the plug in the way when it was unplugged ..unfortunately I can only find the left rear loom on ebay unless I want to order it from Lithuania that will take ages...loads of left..no rights😥
  13. Shame the auto spark broke the door panel and door loom..now I got to somehow connect the rear door loom for the control unit to un double lock the doors I suppose. Maybe I should send the spark my bill. Thanks..awaiting eagerly to try it when it gets delivered
  14. Thanks. Just tried scrubbing it up and still no luck..its only a tenner secondhand. On further inspection it is the deadlock control and the clips was broken off on casing so assume Toyota have been in it before and back door polythene sheet has been off. Hope it is the cause of both back doors deadlocking
  15. Think the auto spark was looking in wrong place..anyone know if this is the door locking relay...looks a little tired...I did tell the spark it had a new windscreen a few weeks ago and suspected it might be water but he went straight to the door even though I said unlikely they both went together unless it was electrical...am I on the right path anyone
  16. Still cant get the door loom plugged in after the spark smashed the plug off..can't change loom without opening door..cant find a way to get lock apart while in the door. Going to order a double lock door control relay and 1 new door panel he smashed and a door loom..now finding lots of deadlock faults online so worth a try but as it's both back doors dont expect it to work
  17. Both the door looms was unplugged..as the spark shut the door on 1 and smashed the big plug off..we tried battery disconnected overnight. The driver door button opens boot and front doors fine and it clicks the rear solenoids. The green cable moves free and that is the chrome handle cable. The white cable is lock switch and that is stiff to pull like it's under spring pressure..getting close to new doors and grinder for xmas. Thanks
  18. The car is only ever locked by the fob..only 1 fob still need to get a spare . I use the back doors most days and the child locks was off and it's a keyless entry tspirit model.i would assume the fuse is ok as both front doors are fine so is the rear hatch door. When I try to use fob or drivers door unlock button the back door locks flick but stay locked. Going to check fuse now before I look stupid👍 the auto spark used his laptop and no fault codes found and he could control the locks from the laptop but only front 2 and rear hatch would work. But no errors for back doors. The locks on the inside of the rear doors are really hard to push like a hard spring is connected to them and when you let them go they flick back locked. I still use the car for walking the dog but mot runs out end of December so getting desperate now. It had 1 owner with full history at same garage when I got it but noticed the plastic sheet inside door has already been taken off..nothing in paperwork about doors or locks so maybe it was a recall? .my Mercedes dealer dont give me any information on warranty work. Surely Toyota have a way to open it from inside..also I no nothing about deadlocks on it. How do you activate them...with the key?. Thanks jason
  19. Help...59 plate t27 both back doors have locked from inside and out with old granny in it😡. Managed to pull her out the window...lots of fun..auto spark has ripped the rear right door panel off from inside with door shut still. Whole day later we still cant open it....10 days later he is blanking my calls still. Are we missing some special trick or am I gonna have to try cutting doors off. Thanks jason