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  1. My 2019 RAV 4 seems to have a trip A ? Is this the odometer? If not how do I show the total miles my car has gone?
  2. When I press the HOME button on my 2019 RAV 4 the map layout always changes to the North view Can I change this so that when I press the home button it ALWAYS shows the 3D view ? Its getting frustrating always having to change the MAP LAYOUT
  3. I have paid a deposit with my dealer for a 2020 Rav 4 and have been informed that its going to be April before I can take delivery which I am OK with. Since then they have informed me that I could take delivery of a 2019 Rav 4 in January 2020 and that a firmware update will be available about April 2020 which would give me Apple Carplay & Android Auto. I would rather do this as I would like the car earlier. Has anybody else had information regarding the firmware update?
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