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  1. Thankyou gents I will have a look. I can confirm it is a waste of time if anyone is considering buying this optional extra.
  2. Hi all, Has anyone else purchased a rear bumper protector? If so, does it look like this as I believe I must be missing a part as it is so thin and hardly protects the bumper from my dog jumping in and out? I have checked the website and it only shows a closed boot picture and my local dealer is unsure if this is the correct piece of kit. Any help greatly appreciated.
  3. My apologies PeteB, you are a magician!! Thank you so much I will let my local Toyota know as they were stumped!!
  4. Hi Pete Thankyou but my issue is memory seats not setting not auto folding mirrors. Did you link the wrong discussion? Kind regards Andy
  5. Good evening I picked up my superb Rav 4 yesterday and love all the features except the memory seats as they appear to not set. I have followed the manual and watched a couple YouTube videos to confirm but there is no movement after trying to move between the two settings. Anyone had this issue and if so, how did you resolve it please?
  6. Gents thankyou for your feedback as Mikeyjd said I was wandering if you could start your car and warm it by remote/app. Cheers
  7. Hi all, I am due to receive my Rav 4 in March and was wandering if it comes with a remote start ? Cheers
  8. I have got an update from my local branch this morning and they are aware of the upgrade now and confirm the costing on here so top news thankyou.
  9. Hi Devon Aygo. Please can I ask where you got the info from regarding the May 20 Rav 4 update? I need to speak to my local dealer about this as they are unaware at present. Cheers