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  1. I ordered a Hilux on 02/02/2022, I’m wondering at what point it’s added to MyT app? only paperwork I have from Toyota is the PCP Quotation, no order number or order confirmation really other than just a thumbs up from dealership that it’s on order. i spoke with dealership and asked if it was something they had to do to set this up and they told me I won’t get emailed until the build process is ordered. when we ordered a Corolla Hybrid touring sport excel in 2020, it was on the app two weeks after signing the documents. I mean how do I know the vehicle is even on order? At this point they have only taken a deposit and given me a PCP quotation (which would be the same if I excepted the PCP or not) I’m a little concerned as Toyota has screwed me on every vehicle I’ve bought from them and it’s been a nightmare every time, so my trust is very low. I was told my vehicle would be here in July 2022, so only 4 months ordering window. I’ve sent dealership and email asking if there is an order number and see what they reply with, any advice that can be given or shared would be appreciated. thank you!
  2. I get there is nothing free in this world, and someone pays the finance costs etc, I just wanted to know I was being treated fairly. tbh I’ve always found Toyota the hardest to deal with as this isn’t my first car from them and also had many cars new from other brands. I’ve never paid the asking price for a car, I mean my Corolla Hybrid I got 9.5% off which was a fair chunk of change, so was expecting 5% but not even a penny off. i have not purchased a new car since the start of the pandemic so don’t know if they are just being harder now and being as it’s a 6months plus wait that they think why bother. Three sales men from 3 different outlets where all the same, total brick walls and wouldn’t budge on the price, so wasn’t just a one off! either way got me by the balls as I want the truck.
  3. Update: I just spoke with Toyota head office UK, and they told me that it should be 42 months, after speaking to the dealership with this new information.. would you believe it the option appeared on the system and now my agreement has been amended to 42months. Brings the monthly to £568/month with a £20,400 finial payment.
  4. Hey, I've been waiting for the GR Sport to come out for a while, so I have been on the waiting list to place the order as soon as the books opened for this model. So finally today my order has been placed and finance has been agreed. I was surprised to find out that you can't get 42 months interest free on this vehicle, they only said you can take 36months out, just wondering if anyone else has had the same or is it just the dealership I've ordered it from etc? (I know this answer might only come as people actually place orders, so don't expect immediate response) Its also the first car I've purchased where I didn't get a single penny off, have others got any money off the vehicles they have had on order? or is it a take it or leave it kinda deal. you get the standard £2k dealer finance deposit etc. As I've taken out a PCP deal, the monthly payments are more then I was expecting, but as I say I've waited a good while for this edition to come out so at this point I would sooner have it then not. for reference the monthly is £625, I get the truck is a little bit more money but the finance being 36 months really sucks.
  5. Forget the fact that I own my own garage and that I can service it myself, this is an issue with the fact you have the right to choose who services the vehicle. Yes its "easier" to take it to Toyota but the law says that they can't force you to have it serviced at a main dealer network and if you choose to get it serviced elsewhere as long as you carry out the same work then they can't void your warranty. This is a fear tactic that I can clearly see many people are scared to take the risk, so their scaremongering has worked! My Range Rover had never been back to RR in 3 years when it went in for a balance shaft replacement and yes they asked to see paperwork that all service work had been carried out and guess what no issues all done under warranty as they can't refuse if I've maintained it to their own specifications and used all genuine parts. I've spoken with other garages in the trade and they all have said that Toyota is a nightmare, but the thing is why the attitude is "well just take it to Toyota" nothing will change. Even when I tried to book in for a Hybrid Battery Health check you can't speak to the dealer network directly (well that's what I found with the group I was dealing with) and put through to the a national switch board, When requesting the HBH check they said it was £90, and I directed them to their own website that stated it was £45 they told me that website was "out of date" and "didn't reflect current prices"... Then she went on to say well its "FREE" with any service, so why not book in for a service.... As I can't speak to the dealership about service stuff I spoke to parts team at my local Toyota who I buy engine parts of for older Toyotas (work on Supras,AE86 etc) and they confirmed it was only £45 and booked me in. So the point I'm trying to make is unless your know your rights they are firstly trying to trick you into spending more or upgrading to a service and secondly look how hard it has been to get a paper service book. DO you not think its important to stand up for the things we are entitled too? You might say you wouldn't buy a car from a Private seller who has not had it serviced at the dealership, as I can tell you right now all the cars I've sold no one has EVER had an issue with it, specially as I run a Motorsport company and they are very understanding that the car would be better serviced through myself. This is where the Right to Repair comes in imho, if we let these things go it will get to the point where there is no way we can repair our own vehicles and surely if you would be in a worst position. I have no problem paying for access to information when it comes to these dealers, I'm happy they are available so that I can carry works out to the manufacture standards, I have never moaned about paying for that, but Toyota not allowing the DSR to be updated is just plain wrong, They are trying to devalue the vehicle by forcing people to service with them only. I have many BMW M customers and MERC AMG type customers that will not take their car back to the dealers, I pick that work up and sometimes information is hard to get. I fork out for all the specialist tools for engine building from many manufacturers, why sell use the tools if we can't update the service record? Let me build an engine for a new Supra A90 with BMW special tools and I can't update the service record for the A90? where as if that same engine is in a BMW no problem at all! Sorry imho this is just wrong. Maybe you take a step back and have a think about it and maybe you can see it from another perspective.
  6. so just to clarify you think I should just use the “replacement service book” without dealer stamped in it at the front to prove they supplied the car and it is the genuine service book, and not argue the toss any more? I mean, may as well just not have a service book at all?
  7. Thanks for the reply, I’m a VAT registered business however fairly sure the rules changed on that, don’t need to be VAT registered as long as your a business (could be wrong but fairly sure there was a rule change on that matter). Regarding the Paper Service book they have sent me, it doesn’t list the corolla as one of the vehicles covered by the service book, and more importantly its not got the dealer stamp to show its the original book for the vehicle... otherwise what stops me from buying a unstamped book off ebay? Toyota CR said you it was an option to have one with the car, not a replacement from another car? For warranty issues I can clearly say I have serviced the vehicle but from a selling point of view anyone looking up the service with Toyota it will say no service whatsoever has been carried out, and the myt app is screaming at me to get the car service constantly. I hear what your saying though, just think its in bad taste thats all.
  8. I purchased a new MY2020 Corolla over 12 months ago and carried out the first year service according to the schedule, purchased all parts from Toyota and even took the car into have the Hybrid Health Check (£45). Looked for the service book in the paperwork and realised there wasn’t one, They use a Digital Service Book (or Electronic Service Book as Toyota call it). Thought It would be as easy as registering with Toyota as an independent repairer then updating the online records. its now been 2 months of fighting Toyota on the issue, just can’t get it resolved. The short story = called the Toyota garage I purchased the car from and asked for a paper service book (they refused saying only online). spoke to Toyota customer relations and said that I have the right to repair and maintain my vehicle at a 3rd party repairer as long as I follow the maintenance schedule and use all genuine parts... how do I update the ESR, to be told ONLY Toyota can amend the records no 3rd party has access in the UK to it... so asked if the law says I so not have to get it serviced at toyota and your saying I can’t update my records or have a paper service book then surely what your saying is I have to have it serviced at Toyota if I want a warranty... Was at this point I was told that it was an option to have a paper book if I so requested it... so I requested it. 4 weeks passed and 3 calls later I finally received a “replacement service book”, totally blank... the dealership was meant to fill the car details out and stamp it to show its the book for the vehicle. so I can’t update the ESR, and I do not have a valid service book. I’m at the point where I just go pay for a service and Mod edit the car off as this is a joke. bearing in mind I have access to many digital service records as a independent garage, and I didn’t save any doing it myself, just peace or mind I was done to a high standard. Is Toyota breaking the law? (won’t get into the long story of how much time I’ve wasted on trying to sort this with Toyota Customer Relations) no one know what they are talking about on this matter. Anyone got round this issue? (car has only done 4000 miles Mod edit!)
  9. Last few weeks noticed auto high beam is not deactivating when cars are coming the other way and having to self canceling the system manually, so tonight I thought I would check the screen front facing camera for any obstructions and what I could clearly see Is the whole glass area inside the car in the camera area is totally full of condensation, so this is blinding the camera and not able to see lights properly... anyone else Had this issue and how to sort it.
  10. I tried some bigger wheels on it today from another car 18x9.5J ET38 with 255/35R18 and I have to say what a difference, zero rubbing too. time to order a set of rims for it and tyres.
  11. The lane assist is horrible, it zig-zags from left and right constantly (very slow oscillation), drives me insane, makes you look drunk at the wheel. find myself fighting it constantly to keep it straight, tried it a few times at different settings and found it not to be very useful.
  12. Hey, to be clear, the car was collected from toyota unwashed and with tags still on it, it went straight from there to my workshop and cleaned with known products and dried properly. No wax or sealant was applied to the car by me or the dealership, I didn’t want them to wash it or clean it. It still had plastics on the bonnet and roof when collected! after that first wash it rained later that day and its when I first noticed blades where jumping across screen and that the screen felt weird to the touch. I had only washed it, the screen wash had never been used at this point. parked the car up and waited for the detailer to come do the car properly. I had only moved car about and drove it a few times before it was detailed, so less than 50 miles and it came with 16 odd miles from new on it. So its nothing to do with screen wash or poor washing techniques as its never been at a car wash, its done by hand properly, (safe wash, DI water, air dried etc etc). Will just toss on another set of blades and see if it resolves it, just wanted to see if someone else had same problem and new blades didn’t resolve the issue as I don’t want to waste my time. also not giving the car back under warranty to have them grab a hose pipe and spray the front screen to test leaving water marks and then giving it a wash with an old sponge with grit and giving me that dealership car wash finish that damages allot of my customers performance cars, pass.
  13. Yeah, the car came to me and was used for a week, wipers where terrible, I cleaned them with the softest method possible first and slowly escalated the cleaning to see if I saw results. The screen clearly wasn’t right so I scrubbed it with again softest method possible and slowly moved up until I had to use a panel wipe to remove the residue. The car at this point had done less than 100miles and it had only rained once or twice, so at the first wash this is when it was addressed. after that the car was detailed, I chose not to get the glass treated due to ongoing issues with the glass. drove the car on and off for 6 months and its just been detailed again (2000miles) and detailer said whatever is on the glass (whole car) doesn’t come off. so again this is why it peaked my interest and thought I would discuss it.
  14. That is why I’m asking the question if people generally find a problem with the blades or if I have an isolated case. My belief is that the screen residue has caused there demise from new, but doesn’t hurt to ask before making a purchase.
  15. I will do a bit of research and let you guys know if I find a solution, even aftermarket. It might also be the lack of castor and camber on the front as its very neutral set up designed to cause least rolling resistance possible. going to fit some H&R springs to to soon to loose the arch gap and see if that helps at all. when my wife even says its twitchy as Mod edit and too light you know its not just you haha
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