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  1. Silly question that is driving me mad, keep getting a beep in the car while driving, sounds like the parking sensors... don’t know if its picking up passing objects or what but seems random... really annoying loud beep and nothing on dash or console, it happens about 3 to 4 times an hour. seems to do it even when parked and ignition on. thoughts?
  2. what the sound reminds me of is an auxiliary air pump kinda noise, my old m3 used to make it on start up... wonder if the 2020 models have different exhaust set up (PPF)
  3. Nice one, Will try that next time I’m in the car. also to the noise on idle, its sitting there charging the battery, I asked the dealer and he said it was normal. When you drive it is silent. Its like in park its “pushing” the far forwards, or better way of explaining it there is a slight load on the wheels. will have to make a video. interested to hear from other 2.0ltr owners.
  4. We have now collected the vehicle and its really nice to drive, the only thing that bothers me is when its idling it makes allot of noise with the RPM raised to 1300rpm, it clearly charging the battery however if you put it into neutral it stops and quiets down. I put the car into engineers mode to keep the engine running for a while and it does stop in the end once the batteries are charged. Only really question for those who own this car, is there anyway of setting the cruise control to specific values, i.e if you press set when your going 32mph, it will set at 32mph, pressing + or - will add or take away 5mph but rounded to the nearest multi-able of 5.. So if I want to set the speed to 33mph I have to cancel the cruise control then get the car at that speed perfectly then press set which is really annoying. The issue is that the car basically if you set it to 30mph kinda goes 27-31mph and just annoys people behind you, I always like to run the car so that I'm doing 29-33 mph so I'm not being a Sunday driver. I got used to the Range Rover where the CC wouldn't move more than 1mph either way even up hills, this Corolla is dropping to 25mph then flooring it and not really maintain speed, which is really annoying to me and other drivers as it seems as though I can't maintain basic speed.
  5. Yeah totally agree, colour is subjective and some might love the current range of colours.. the silvers they offered either looked like primer colour or was a bit champagne goldie looking, so was a bit unsure... glad the black isn’t that horrid gold flick one they have in europe lol tbf, red was the nicest of the bunch and then the sterling silver, but both where pearlescent colours which was a nightmare to paint on the Range rover so wanted to avoid a hard colour to match for when my mrs decides to drive into stuff lol i was a bit upset at first this didn’t come with the same wheels as the hatch, but these being smaller gave a nicer ride so happy actually and they look less strange on a black car... on the red they looked a but lost in the arches... Electric tailgate works off the key so very happy with that, going to be very practical. got it booked in for 2 stage paint correction and SB3 Alpha ceramic coating (5year) on the bodywork, getting the glass and wheels ceramic coating too, on the 10th feb, so will post a picture once its actually shiny 😆 Then I will wash it once a month like I did the range rover 🤣
  6. We had a Range Rover Evoque HSE originally in this colour, would have liked something like this on the new car, black is always my last choice. (Sold the Range Rover as it was unreliable and I didn’t like driving it) this is my wife's replacement car, but I will be driving it allot also... she picked the Evoque last time, I picked this car lol
  7. Oh and yeah from Worcester. Didn’t care for waiting out for a 20 plate, won’t sell it, just run it until it dies or I can’t fix it anymore lol
  8. Tbh, all the colour choices where terrible, wanted a gun metal grey or a dark blue. We originally ordered in red but when we saw it in person didn’t like it at all, looked super bright in the sun and dull as hell in normal uk weather lol so black was the “whatever” colour lol first time i’ve ordered a black car. But looks ok in the end, luckily I don’t have to look at it while driving it...
  9. I got 9% off list price (MY2020) and they said that is as far as they would go.
  10. Just gone to view my new Corolla 2.0ltr Hybrid Touring Excel. it has apple car play, electric tailgate and to my surprise now full leather seats! Look very smart. has the chrome add on bits on front bumper, sides and top of rear bumper. looks great in solid black imho 🙂 hope you don’t mind me sharing, as I was looking for photos before ordering I struggled to find many of UK spec.
  11. Its really only an add on to the factory system, but its still extremely basic, you need to be ready to take control at a moments notice. If your climbing into the back seat that is something different, however the unit has a backwards facing camera that monitors you paying attention, moment you stop paying attention it slows down by releasing the throttle. my only reserve on getting one is that It will be in the way of my view, I would prefer it was 100% hidden.
  12. Spoke with my Insurance as they wasn't that bothered as it still uses the factory system. I hear what your saying but its a plug and play unit, it can be removed very easily if required... They just updated it also so that you can actually refit your trim afterwards. It would be great add on for the car imho but just wanted to see if anyone in the uk was actually using it first.
  13. Anyone using openpilot with a UK Corolla Touring? looking to order one from the states yet can’t find anyone using one in the uk that I can find. its $1000 basically, turns your car into a much cleaver driving system. A friend of my recommended it (from states) and there are plenty of videos of why its far better than the basic system the factory gives use etc. interested to hear peoples thoughts. will check with the insurance if its going to cause an issue, but lets presume for now its fine. thanks
  14. They said was not allowed to order them full stop, couldn’t be supplied as an accessory and only way would be to order them and fit them myself, but if I ordered them elsewhere they would fit them for me... I found that strange. I understand why wheels where not allowed, but many other options have no reason... heated steering wheel? Electric tailgate (before this year), HUD. just saying they make it so the only real options you can have is some plastic chrome and a boot liner and thats about itZ
  15. I just found it strange how I was willing to pay for stuff but you not allowed stuff lol seems backwards to me. my last vehicle was a range rover so having the experience to be able to spec it how I wanted and then having it built to order seems like the normal. toyota is here is the car, we can stick some bits on when it arrives other than that take it or leave it... wants some plastic chrome stick on yeah we can do that no problem... wheels? No way, lol