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  1. Last few weeks noticed auto high beam is not deactivating when cars are coming the other way and having to self canceling the system manually, so tonight I thought I would check the screen front facing camera for any obstructions and what I could clearly see Is the whole glass area inside the car in the camera area is totally full of condensation, so this is blinding the camera and not able to see lights properly... anyone else Had this issue and how to sort it.
  2. I tried some bigger wheels on it today from another car 18x9.5J ET38 with 255/35R18 and I have to say what a difference, zero rubbing too. time to order a set of rims for it and tyres.
  3. The lane assist is horrible, it zig-zags from left and right constantly (very slow oscillation), drives me insane, makes you look drunk at the wheel. find myself fighting it constantly to keep it straight, tried it a few times at different settings and found it not to be very useful.
  4. Hey, to be clear, the car was collected from toyota unwashed and with tags still on it, it went straight from there to my workshop and cleaned with known products and dried properly. No wax or sealant was applied to the car by me or the dealership, I didn’t want them to wash it or clean it. It still had plastics on the bonnet and roof when collected! after that first wash it rained later that day and its when I first noticed blades where jumping across screen and that the screen felt weird to the touch. I had only washed it, the screen wash had never been used at this point. p
  5. Yeah, the car came to me and was used for a week, wipers where terrible, I cleaned them with the softest method possible first and slowly escalated the cleaning to see if I saw results. The screen clearly wasn’t right so I scrubbed it with again softest method possible and slowly moved up until I had to use a panel wipe to remove the residue. The car at this point had done less than 100miles and it had only rained once or twice, so at the first wash this is when it was addressed. after that the car was detailed, I chose not to get the glass treated due to ongoing issues with t
  6. That is why I’m asking the question if people generally find a problem with the blades or if I have an isolated case. My belief is that the screen residue has caused there demise from new, but doesn’t hurt to ask before making a purchase.
  7. I will do a bit of research and let you guys know if I find a solution, even aftermarket. It might also be the lack of castor and camber on the front as its very neutral set up designed to cause least rolling resistance possible. going to fit some H&R springs to to soon to loose the arch gap and see if that helps at all. when my wife even says its twitchy as Mod edit and too light you know its not just you haha
  8. Well, its not the first car I’ve driven so I guess only way to come to a statement that it is too light is to have gained experience in other vehicles to form an opinion 🙂 😉 yes you can get used to anything however if you know its not right its nice to see if you can get a solution. As the PAS is controlled by ecu and had been programmed there may be a way to map it or have it modified to give less assistance at higher speeds as its not a nice experience. find myself often putting in too much steering input and having to back off a little, feels unsettling and not intuitive to d
  9. Cost doesn’t bother me but it does if its the same problem, spoke with an other owner in person today and having same issue so seems something is amiss.
  10. Haha not about to drive it in “sports” mode all the time 😂 wonder if it can be coded to not be like twitchy mess 🙂 Its a shame as it ruins the drive for me.
  11. I’m not joking when I say only thing to remove the residue on the screen was panel wipe... it was horrible. Still had to scrub it off.... cleaned blades with IPA and a few other stuff and same as. they streak across screen and make allot of noise, horrible like being in a 20 year old car!! the little blade used to bounce across screen before I got the residue off.
  12. Dealer told us we had to contact Toyota directly and never got a reply. So gave up asking the dealership. Still don’t know what the app really does lol...
  13. Is there anyway to change the lightness of the steering wheel? its way too light and twitchy on the motorway, feel like its a nervous drive imho. checked tracking and tyre pressures. Anything can be done without physically change cars setup etc. thanks
  14. We collected the car in Feb (new) and since day one the wiper blades and screen had been terrible for visibility, it smears the rain water across the screen and its hard to see. All the glass came with a sticky film on it which was hard to get off, leaves zebra pattens on side windows that I can see when wet. first few days of ownership I tried everything to clean the glass and nothing resolved it, in the end panel wipe got the residue off and it felt smooth like normal glass again... but wipers are still terrible imho. I have been reluctant to buy another set of blades fr
  15. Had my car six months, still do not have this activation done. Gave up trying. is it worth the effort?
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