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  1. Strange one this had it at work do you have 2 keys for car if so keep the one thats not working away from car and start it with the other one it may reset the locking system may not be this but has worked in past check battery in fob too in both keys if you have
  2. hi just bought 2003 rav 4 having fun so far
  3. HI Everyone I have recently bought a Rav 4 2003 2lt D4D It had fault cods for glow plugs and poor EGR flow I changed glow plugs and EGR valve and cleaned the passages to valve They were not too bad .I cleared the fault codes OK but they keep poping back up for the EGR poor flow. Are they anyother components that effect the operation of the EGR or do you have a diagram of PIN volts for valve I am a fairy good mechanic and have been painting cars for over 30 years Thanks in advance
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