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  1. It's stock Touch 2 with Go including Toyota navigation software. AA is set to be the default though when connected.
  2. I'd be happy to share if I knew where I should be looking. Setup > Software Update > Model ID DCU / MEU? Less than 2 days to be fair to me. What a newb! 😂
  3. I thought so too but what you're gonna do? 😂 I ordered the Design back in August. Reading a lot of the AA/AC posts I didn't know if I was going to get it or not although the official Toyota posters said MY20 would start delivery 1st December. I guess I struck lucky. I certainly didn't plan it for sure and fully expected the retrofit. According to the My Toyota portal my order is still processing and the car I'm driving has not been built yet. 😂. I was so suprised to get a call from the dealer. I did have a small problem with AA setup. I'm on Android 10 and was running AA on my phone in the old car. The installed AA app on my Pixel just kept erroring and refusing to run. Checking the AA FAQ there's another app called Android Auto for Phone Screens. I uninstalled the AA app and installed the one for phone screens and all was well. My stomach sank for a while though getting to the bottom of it. 😅 Loving my new car though. It was SO worth the wait. Only day 2, still getting used to everything especially having driven stick for 20+ years! PS It's a Google thing not Toyota btw. AA was broken in Android 10. Google released AA for Phone Screens for Android 10 early Nov as a fix. Older Android versions are probably fine. I was running AA directly on the phone in my old car without a problem & expected the old app just to plug and play on the Toyota.
  4. Android Auto running on my new Corolla Design 1.8 I collected this morning 😎
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