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  1. We were thinking this to be honest, so frustrating when you think you’ve cracked it, was half wondering if I had been sold a duff fuel pump 😂 Thank you
  2. Hi all, Sorry for the lack of posts I've been working on trying to get to the RAV4 back on the road. Just to let you know I have replaced the fuel pump as well as the diesel heater in the pump assembly, it is also had a new fuel filter and the issue is still occurring. What I wanted to ask was if anybody has experiences a fuel pump losing pressure once primed? It's goes slightly hard and then after a few seconds you can reprime it, it's a brand new fuel pump. There are also no leaks. thanks in advance Steve
  3. Oh no, did you sort yours out in the end ?
  4. Hi Thank you for your replies. The fuel filter was changed last week, which we did to rule out any filter issues. It's off to the garage in the morning for them to check if they can find a leak, appears its a major one somewhere in the High pressure area, which is why I'm thinking it may be injectors now, which if thats the case I've heard they are mega expensive. I also need to get the EGR cleaned and checked and even replaced if needs be. Cars eh, great when they work headache when there's a problem. Thank you again
  5. An update - Took the car out today and ran fine for about twenty minutes. After that the car lost power and went into limp mode. There was leakage of oil substance under the car and we had the error P0400 Engine control - 69X / Diesel Denso CRP0093 - Fuel system. Error Message : Large leak detected.P0400 as well as Exhaust-gas recirculation. Error Message : Circuit faulty. when we prime the pump it works and then the same fault occurs, now it’s pointing to so many things such as SCV Injectors fuel leak anyone else had the same issue and resolved it ?
  6. It's also a 2004 Rav4 and has covered 86000 miles, just for reference.
  7. I was wondering if this was the case but would I experience other issues too? and not just only start up issues? Thank you
  8. Hello I was hoping for some assistance please. My car has started struggling to start up from cold and warm starts, it turns over continually until it starts up. I have had the fuel filter and all other filters changed, battery has been checked and today the error code P0400 which suggests EGR Flow problem. Could this issue create start up problems ? I will replace it, rather than cleaning it out as it seems it can get clogged back up again. I have also read it could be the SCV valves ? Would they be worth checking first ? Feels a little like a needle in a haystack at the moment. Thank you for your help Steve
  9. Thanks for your help, the noise has now stopped, which was super strange as nothing occurred for it to stop. The only thing I did do was turn my air con on and off again, which I wouldn’t have thought that would have been the problem. The fan blade is a possibility too, definitely sounds like something catching, we figured out that the noise wasn’t just from when lifting the clutch, it does however have a slight ‘squeal’ when the pedal is lifting, but I think that’s something else. l do love these cars so it’s frustrating when something like this happens
  10. Hi there Yes the knocking is quite sporadic and not really in any sequence, it does also happen intermittently so it’s quite frustrating to say the least. I haven’t tried to disable to A/C so will definitely give that a try, the tapping occurs when idle, and when both warm and cold, it did however reduce in noise when I reved the car.. I’ll have a look on YouTube now for examples, many thanks for your assistance
  11. Ok, popped to the garage and they checked the noise, they don’t think it’s the clutch or the flywheel, there’s talk of it being a belt as mentioned previously. The tapping appears to be more prominent on the drivers side after additional inspection. If anyone has ever experienced this kind of problem or noise ? Thanks again
  12. Hi there it’s difficult to pinpoint, but would say it’s the middle as opposed to the left or the right side Many thanks
  13. When it’s reved the noise goes, the noise does also occurs when pushing the clutch pedal down when stationary.
  14. Hi RAV4 owners, I’ve noticed a subtle tapping noise from under the Bonnet when I have parked up and the engine is just ticking over. I have put a video on the bottom to see if any fellow RAV4 owners know what the potential problem maybe before I spend thousands of pounds. Its a 2.0 Diesel, D4D with 750000 miles, 53 plate. IMG_4383.MOV
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