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  1. Might be worth checking Prius discussion forums, given it's the same drivetrain. The computer engineer in me thinks it's plausible that it's a dodgy connection. Damaged wire or bad connection somewhere, likely not easy to trace. ☹️
  2. Not that relevant as Toyota didn't offer those engines as an alternative to the Hybrid in the 2nd Gen Auris. You guys got the old 1.8, we had the 1.6 Valvematic then the 1.2 Turbo. The Hybrid is likely more reliable than either of those over 200k...
  3. The hybrid's are generally very reliable - around here well over half the private hire taxi's are now Auris Hybrid estates, and the old favourite Skoda Octavia TDI is rarely seen. I've heard of 250k+ mileages on the Prius with the same powertrain with very little issue. Don't leave the car parked up for weeks on end with the keyless entry enabled so the 12v battery goes flat and this particular issue is avoided...
  4. I'm agreeing with Saxmaniac, which is why I asked the question. The advice from Toyota UK via Twitter and the blog pages early into lockdown recommended the hybrid cars are left powered up in ready mode for a period of time once a week to allow the traction battery to recharge the 12v battery. I was powering the car up once a week for about 30 minutes and that was enough, Link :
  5. How long had it been sitting before you tried to start it on the 11th May?
  6. As an ex-VW (group) hatch diesel owner ... the 1.8 in the 2nd gen Auris is certainly close on economy. Better around town, worse on the motorway than a diesel. Against the VW group cars it's missing the TDI midrange torque. I do miss the shove but it encourages me to drive in a more relaxed fashion. I'll be interested to try a 2.0 Corolla in the future...
  7. Try the hybrid, it offers similar economy to diesels for mixed driving and they're all automatic. Case for hybrid is less clear cut for long distance motorway work - the hybrid will return low 50s mpg in my experience, where my old Skoda did high 50s and had more overtaking torque.
  8. MagicBoy

    Sad Ending

    Not the same at all. Not going to waste any further keystrokes, have a nice day!
  9. MagicBoy

    Sad Ending

    No, you said "The new mx5 are nice cars just shame it's a fiat/abarth 124". Which is incorrect. FIAT did a deal to rebody the MX-5 and drop it's own engine in. Makes no difference to the desirability of the MX-5.
  10. MagicBoy

    Sad Ending

    Hang on ... that's the wrong way round. 😉 The FIAT is made by Mazda in Japan, and launched two years after the MX-5.
  11. Auris cruise isn't adaptive. It will disengage if the autonomous braking gets triggered, as I discovered when a Taxi pulled out of a sideroad without looking and the car stopped itself as I was going for the brake pedal...
  12. It'd be useful to find out. The only car I've driven with adaptive cruise (which wasn't a Toyota) when deactivated you couldn't resume again until the minimum speed.
  13. Unlikely. On the Auris you can't enable or resume it under 25mph.
  14. MagicBoy

    Sad Ending

    100k isn't low mileage for a car like the Aygo. At the end of the day it's a 10 year old car worth well under a couple of grand. It's an unfortunately event, but needs a bit of perspective. One example of a failed engine after 10 years and 100k doesn't make Toyota a blemished and unreliable brand. There's a million plus Aygo's made, plus similar numbers of the French siblings. A small number will have an unexpected failure.