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  1. One of the cup holders. Cabled into the Touch 2 so I can use that for Music and calls.
  2. Toyota seat never felt wrong, it's quite comfortable. Swapping from a Skoda vRS I had a lower back twinge and some cramp in the hip after 30+ minutes in the car. That disappeared after a couple of weeks - the muscles must have got used to whatever the change was and the I've been fine since.
  3. My 2p : 1. I ran a Skoda Diesel before the Auris. The hybrid returns similar fuel consumption on motorway run. I'd get high 50s out of the Skoda, The Auris I've seen 55 with the cruise set at a true 70mph, shorter motorway trips I see high 40s. Diesel had more torque for overtaking. I was pleasantly surprised that the Auris did over 50mpg given the combustion engine is running permanently. My last 1.6 petrol car did 36mpg if you really behaved yourself. 2. Yeah it's fine. Tends to settle down to what feels like a steady 2200rpm ish at a cruise. Put your foot down and it'll rev up to
  4. There's a button up on the interior light panel which will disable the internal sensors. Turn the engine off, press the button before locking the car.
  5. As above - it's warning that the apps and the traffic for the satnav can use mobile data from your phone. Think you can turn the warning off in the settings menu, certainly can on the later 7" Nav.
  6. Yeah, Excel has LED lights with automatic levelling. It's an EU requirement for Xenons and LEDs.
  7. Sounds like it was the sensor pack then.
  8. Official figures state 12g CO2 & 8 mpg between the 15" and 17" wheel options. OK, so old school official figures aren't achievable in the real world, but if the difference remains at 10% then that's 5-6mpg.
  9. Similar here. I've had my Excel (17" wheels) for just over a year, and done 4000 miles in it. Got an app on the phone which works out the real world MPG ... and it's saying 48.6 average. 45mpg in the winter, 53mpg in the summer. One long 150+ mile journey pre-COVID, otherwise mainly round town or a 10 mile motorway trip to see family. The 10 mile motorway trip with half a mile of urban roads each end does it no favours - onboard computer typically states 45mpg at best in any weather. ICE is running most of the time in the hybrid, does the final half mile on battery which helps somewhat.
  10. Depending on the tyre size, sounds about right. On the fat 225/17s I get similar in this weather and about 54mpg in summer. Taxi spec ones on pram wheels are a bit better. At motorway speeds there's not much assistance from the electric motor, the efficiency gains are much bigger around town.
  11. Don't think you can, they didn't add a switch until the Mk2 facelift in 2015...
  12. There's a sensor pack for those systems at the top of the windscreen,behind the rear view mirror. Wonder if it's had a windscreen replacement at some point? As Tony suggests, checking the battery is a good shout as well.
  13. Not sure about the ignition key, mine's got keyless so it's a push button start. Which leads to the different problem of "where did I put the keyfob?". I found the Interior lights pretty useless and swapped the bulbs for LEDs which helps a lot.
  14. All sounds a bit odd. You don't live next to a military base or the worlds biggest phone mast do you?
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