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  1. Switch? Multimeter would confirm.
  2. Some light at the end of the tunnel - Rhodium price has collapsed :
  3. A link to those tips would be helpful! 😉
  4. You're fine then. Took about 5 days for the Auris to show as taxed when I got that.
  5. Hence the black sticker over the light!
  6. MagicBoy

    EGR valve

    Are you using supermarket fuel?
  7. Off the top of my head, I think it indicates traffic congestion...
  8. Paint Protection Film?
  9. That's impressive. Only 16k on mine so far, most of that by the previous pension pulling family member. My previous car was a hot hatch which I used Goodyear F1s on, was lucky to get 9k out of the fronts! Although it got driven a bit more enthusiastically than the Auris. 😁
  10. Not affectionately known as ditchfinders for no reason! 🤣 Mine's still on the factory Dunlops. Fastresponse I think they are which don't seem to be an low rolling resistance tyre.
  11. There should be a TRC/VSC switch just in front of the gearlever where the heated seat switches live. Picture of a car, with a squiggle under it and the word OFF. Quick press should disable the traction control. A long press disables the stability control as well.
  12. Worth noting that anti-perforation warranties only cover corrosion that starts inside and works its way to the surface
  13. As I said - "new". As in 2020. I've not yet seen a non-hybrid one on the roads of any year.
  14. Is this to avoid Cat theft? All new Corollas are Hybrid so it's not much of a deterrent...