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  1. I went to visit a relative in the local hospital last week, next days newspaper had a story saying thieves done a number of cars that afternoon. Guess I got lucky not using a little out of the way car park. I'd be tempted to get the catloc if it had some proven deterrent value. Police need to get a handle on it.
  2. I've had it lock up a couple of times. Also really slow at pulling in the song data from my iPhone via USB. It's a 40GB+ library. Did the software and maps upgrade a couple of weeks ago which seems to have solved that particular issue, but not holding my breath. Ideally if Toyota could retrofit CarPlay / Android auto to the Touch 2 with Go that'd be good. I'd happily spend a couple hundred quid to have an expansion module or upgraded unit fitted.
  3. Wheel balancing? Can cause vibration at those speeds if a balance weight has dropped off.
  4. As above - I'd check the wiring at the mirror with a multimeter - see if it's getting power when activated... BTW, how much is the part? My passenger one is cracked could do with replacing it before the MOT.
  5. MagicBoy


    There's a couple of big providers for SatNav device map data. TeleAtlas who got bought by TomTom about 10 years ago. Navteq who got bought by Nokia and rebranded as Here in 2012. The Touch 2 uses Here for map data, as do most of the big manufacturers. Also Garmin SatNavs. On TomTom devices you can usually report map inaccuracies, assume they send a scanning vehicle out to verify them at some point.
  6. It's likely trying to keep the combustion engine warmed up. I've noticed the same thing in the ~5C temperatures of the last couple of weeks.
  7. Hi. Custodian of a 2017 Auris hybrid, on loan from a family member. A number of firsts all at the same time - my first Toyota, first automatic and first hybrid. Coming from a 14 year old diesel Skoda it's like driving the Starship Enterprise.
  8. The changes went live in May 2018 : There's additional rule regarding fluid leaks... which my old car failed on a week after the rules went into effect as the oil drain plug wasn't sealing properly.
  9. MagicBoy


    Photo of my LED headlight : I did have a quick google, found a brochure dated March 2016 which lists Bi-LED headlights as standard on the Excel.
  10. MagicBoy


    First post - Hi. I'm driving a 2017 Auris Excel HSD, has standard Bi-LED headlights. Pretty sure they're standard fit on the facelift Excel models from mid-2015.