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  1. Quick update - Took my car to dealership yesterday and the initial investigation discovered 15+ fault codes. Now, I'm told that none of them individually would have caused the failure however, it was stated to me that a combination of them together may well have. The report has been sent up the chain to Toyota UK and the car will remain at the dealership until they get to the crux of the matter. Interestingly, although the car drove fine to the dealership, once there the technician couldn't start it again. Hybrid fault! The plot thickens. Apologies that I can't give those who are interested, exact code details. I forgot them.....I'll collect them on my next visit. Cheers for now.
  2. Hi, I read that too but no, not in our incident. I'm booked in this morning with a senior technician at my local Toyota dealership so I'll come back later with the result.
  3. Thankyou. That makes some interesting reading.
  4. Hi After being told by Toyota Roadside Assistance I may have to wait 2 hours for assistance I tried to start it and guess what....it worked! Although pitch black we discovered a small farmers track next to where ended up that led to a small road. Rather than wait, we decided to see how far we could get on local roads (no way I was going back on the motorway) and fortunately got home hours later. Called local Toyota dealership this morning. They sounded surprised about this failure and stated 'that's never happened before'. Really? It's booked in for Wednesday so I'll give feedback then. There was no warning, lights or otherwise, before or when the engine failed. No way will we drive on the motorway in this car again - total loss of confidence.
  5. Scary moment last night. Returning home from family holiday on the M6 Smart Motorway, I was comfortably doing 65mph in the middle lane passing numerous HGVs when, without warning, the engine died! Somehow, I managed to get into the inside lane and, as I slowed, escape into an emergency vehicle access point. How we avoided being hit I've no idea. EV light on but absolutely no power in drive. Interested to learn if anyone else has had this problem.
  6. Hi all. New here. Ordered my Excel 2.5 Hybrid AWD with Pano roof back in July. Although the website displays "processing order" I've just had it confirmed that it will be delivered to me on the 16th January. Suspect problems with their website.
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