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  1. I have a 2005 Toyota Celica Blue VVT-1 (140) I wonder if any other Celica owners have experienced this particular problem with one or other of the split-fold rear seats. The problem is that having pushed the seat forward to lay it flat I find that when I return the seat to a vertical position the mechanism refuses to engage and lock the seat in the vertical position. Clearly, there is a problem with the mechanism inside the seat. The other split-fold rear seat is fine in that it is locked into the vertical position until one pulls the "knob" on top of the seat which enables one to push it forw
  2. I'm trying to source a used gearbox for my daughter's 2007 Aygo VVT-l and I thought it would be a simple process to identify the gearbox I needed but it appears that is not the case. I called one supplier and he asked me if I required the "hydraulic" gearbox or the "manual cable" gearbox. I couldn't answer the question so I called the main agent who told me I require the "manual cable" gearbox but I feel I still need further confirmation before I order a unit. Any comfort on this would be gratefully received. Other detail from the car's registration document is follows- Variant: KGB10(G) Versi
  3. I wonder if anyone would kindly please hold my hand with this so I might avoid naively falling into what most would consider to be an obvious trap. My daughter has a 2007 998cc Aygo manual which has covered 70,000 miles. It developed a noise recently so I asked my mechanic guy to put it up on the ramp and take a look at it hoping it was just the exhaust vibrating. I'm told the exhaust is fine and that the noise emanates from the gearbox which needs to be replaced. I asked my mechanic whether we could "immediately do nothing" as they say and he told me it might last another 6 months but would g
  4. Apologies for not getting back earlier. Thanks for your instructions which were spot on. The plastic trim lifts off easily enough if you use your finger nails. (The piece of plastic trim in question is the bit with surrounds the cigar lighter, ashtray, electric windows button and door locking button.) The gaiter mechanism has two small sort-of black plastic clips either side of it and these click into place. The whole job took about a minute and a half. I must confess to being really angry with the Toyota main agent in Chelmsford who wanted to charge me £125 for the job, insisting that it need
  5. Got a Celica 1.8 VVTTI Premnium Blue 2005. Of late, the black "sort of" rubberised, black, blue-stiched gaiter which surrounds the gear stick has become dislodged from the consol so that there is now a gap all the round it between it and the consol through which you can see all the "gubbins" of the gear change. This is clearly not an ideal situation because not only does it look unsightly but it carries the potential for damage to the gearbox area should an occupant of the car spill coffee there.... The gaiter itself does not appear to be damaged. It seems to have some metal rods which have be
  6. My Mark 7 will shortly be coming up for its 4 year service which will, of course, be the first service since the expiration of the main warranty. Should I continue to maintain the vehicle's "Full Toyota Service History" or should I consider getting the beast serviced by a non-Toyota franchise establishment. Cost is a consideration as is possible reflection on the car's residual value of a failure to offer "FTSH." Can the car be reasonably serviced by non-franchised outfits? i.e. are there lots of expensive specialist tools which are required for the service which only Toyota service centres m
  7. M 4 year-old has worn wiper blades - the rubber is frayed and the wipers therefore don't clear the screen properly. I'm loath to drive into a main agent and say "can you put some new blades on my wipers." So I think I'd like to do the job myself - i.e. buy the blades and fit them. The problem is that I don't know how much of the wiper contraptions I need to replace. Is it just the long thin rubber bits or do I have to buy the whole arm. And if i just buy the rubber bits will I find it a straightforward task to slide the worn ones out and slide the new ones into the arm. I can't find any diagra
  8. Like all good stories, there should be an ending and the ending to this story is a happy one. I eventually contrived to buy 4 brand new Pirelli PZero Nero 205.45.17s from a Ford main agent in Essex just 14 miles down the road for an overall fitted price of £296.94 via an Ebay Auction. B)
  9. I'm in the same boat. I'm looking to buy 4 x 205:45:517 tyres soon. I'm driving a Premium Blue running on Pirelli Pzero Asimmetricos. I'll probably go for a deal at my local Kwik-Fit who are offering a 25% discount, charging £429 all in for the 4 tyres. I was interested to read your post about the Toyo T1Rs at a delivered price of £67.70. Obviously, to relate this price to the fitted price I have from Kwik-Fit I looked around for a fitted price for the Toyos and I found a quote of £325.88 for 4 Toyos from Blackcircles. So are the 4 x Pirellis worth £103.12 (24%) more than the 4 Toyos? I drive
  10. Thanks, Scarlett Arrow. What's longevity like on the two tyres you mention, please bearing in mind that I've done 37k on my current set of Pirellis.
  11. Got a Premium Blue Celica and I need to renew all four tyres now. Kwik-Fit are offering 25% off 4 Pirellis until 22.11.08. This works out at £107.25 each all in for the Pzero Assimetric or £101.25 for the P7000 or PZero Nreo. I suppose I have two questions. 1. Do these look reasonable prices? 2. Can I choose between 205:45:R17 and 215:40:R17? I'm running the former at the moment but Kwik-Fit tell me I can run the latter without any problems. Any comments or advice from the cognescenti would be gratefully received. I do around 10k per year and my current set of Pirelli Pzero Assimetricos have
  12. Thanks for your suggestions, Guys. When I bought my first Nissan 200sx in 1991 I remember I harboured similar fears about the unprotected sides of the car being damaged in car parks. I remember I bought some self adhesive colour coded stripes which I cut to legth andI fitted myself which provided an impact zone for those cretinous oafs who carelessly open their car doors thus protecting the paintwork. It didn't look half bad either.
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