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  1. E12 1.4 d4d getting 560miles and that's doing 5 nights of takeaway deliveries
  2. Hi guys, I bought a verso say 6 months ago and was fine, next day got the trc light emu light and traction control. My mate is a mechanic so plugged it in and got fault p0170 system 1 bank too lean . 1st step. I cleaned the throttle body 2nd step changed the throttle body gasket original from Toyota. 3rd changed the inlet manifold gasket again Toyota gasket . 4th step I changed all the rubbers on the injectors again all Toyota o rings grommets. 5th step changed maf sensor. After all these steps the lights comes back on and the car is still reving hi
  3. That sound like the turbo has gone , could be down to bad oil low oil or not servicing regularly or just in general unlucky turbo
  4. I have the 3 dash lights trc, vsc and emu more likely throttle body as revs high when cold and when hot lumpy
  5. Full tank on my 1.6 get 400 miles or more motorway driving , but mine has a faulty throttle body or lamba sensor as my dash lights are on . 55 litre tank or 60 and I get 400 to 450 miles per tank not amazing
  6. Well guys Hope all of well I'm having trouble with my e12 corolla 1.4 it's has a mind off its own gauging the petrol put 10 litres goes up very slowly and then after 8 mile drive drop dramatically . It might go back up but been driving along the motorway I'll get a fright. Is it a common problem what are the next steps all comments welcome Ross
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