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  1. Yes very tedious. Thanks for your input. Will see if I can get anywhere with Media Monkey
  2. Thanks. Do you know if Media Monkey or any other software can put the numbers in automatically without having to go through them all which would take ages.
  3. Yes MP3 I use ITunes but when I copy onto a USB stick I go to my music to select the folders and then copy to the USB. I think it might solve it to put track number before the song title (numbers currently show in the file name but not title). But would be a tedious to go through them all individually to add the numbers. I have downloaded media monkey in the hope I can change lots of files at once. But am clueless how to do that and not entirely sure it will work. Cheers
  4. Since I got my new 2019 Aygo with Xtouch multimedia with Apple/Android Auto I am frustrated with the Audio facilties. I like to use USB sticks to play music but they play an alphabetical order and I want them in the proper album track order. My previous Aygo which had similar multimedia but without the apple/android auto played them fine so why does this new "improved" system have the problem? Also with Ipod or phone, although tracks play in right order, I have a different problem in that the function buttons (forward/back to select tracks) dont work. Ipod worked fine with last Aygo. Any ideas welcome in particular to solve the USB problem. I have seen suggestions to do with tagging the music using software such as Media Monkey. But I am not quite sure how to do this and what specifically is needed for this exact system as I cant find very detailed info on the Xtouch.