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  1. Dear All.Toyota experts Kindly please help me to add cc in my car. In here, authorized toyota facility (AUTO2000) did not help much, the just said that ecu for innova petrol did not have cc function as like in diesel type. Again, please help me.....thanks
  2. Hello Everybody. Nice to join in this group, May be someone can help me with cruise control add on my Toyota Innova. Thanks
  3. Hello Everybody. I am from Indonesia and need help to add cruise control on Toyota Innova Reborn V-Petro 2018l with ECU 89661-F0870. I have install CC switch in Steering wheel and put 1 connector cable to ground but the other one, I can not find CCS signal pin on ECU. Kindly ask you help to indicate which pin for CCS in ECU 89661-F0870 ? Thank you so much for everybody here.