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  1. I drove the car last year in January in North-Finland with the worst snowstorm I had ever encountered and the car also switched the ACC off when it experienced deeper snow windrowes in which the tyre started to spin and I think it's the best thing ever because it means that You need to make sure You control the car and to prevent the "hovering" feeling which might lead to a loosing control of the car. Other than that the car behaved better in snowy conditions than Volvo V60 did...
  2. Did You try with USB cable and connection phone? Please note that to get Carplay show up your phone needs to be paired with Multimedia device as well. Also if it does not show up maybe Delete personal data and try again.... If it's ENTUNE though - it's US system...
  3. Is the USB still in? If yes, shut down the car completely, remove the USB and try again. after that I would plug the USB into my computer, remove phaseup.dat file from the root and plug in the USB again. Start up the car, finish the update and then remove the USB, shut down the car. Once that is done I would plug the USB to the computer, make the renaming changes I mentioned above and try again. but for the future: Guys there’s quite many troubles with the update and now it’s first of September - please do not try to update Your media systems. Lots of information from now that
  4. I think You are 99,9% safe, just follow the steps, because all I can read is "successful, no navigation" from these forums. 😄
  5. Hmm ok, I did try this once more with adding the “phaseup.dat” back to this already changed USB 3 so maybe that made it bring the option? It got stuck to the same place at the end "VUP completed"...
  6. Hello, So I as well gave up waiting and tried this retrofit(having free time is terrible). 🙂 Yesterday I was in the same position as You. Software was updated (north view fixed, newer audio number etc), but no Carplay. I also prepared files on MAC choosing MS-DOS (FAT) believing it would not make much difference - because map updates have been OK before as well. So today morning there was some news that a Polish club member had found a solution here: !!! Translated with Google !!! Okay, I made it despite the error while updating USB3. Below is a short tutorial on how I
  7. 😕 ok, well there doesn't seem to be any workaround from that right now and this is mainly what keeps me from updating my device. I do not want to risk it.
  8. Ok. From what I understood that You need to shut the car completely down - like totally OFF. Only then remove the USB and then start up without the USB in it. From what I also understood is that it's common problem and currently no success from that point on to get the Carplay and Android Auto working. I do not risk to make the update yet... May I ask did You make the format in Windows to FAT32? Someone suggested in the Italian forum that it might be the problem when the format is made on Mac computers into MS-DOS (FAT) or whatever.
  9. Are You stuck with the final note saying "completed" and nothing is happening? I understood that from that point it's ok to just shut the car down, remove the USB and start the car again. By the way, the Spanish forum thread has now been removed.
  10. Yes, there seems to be more problems as well. That's why I do not like it. I would not like to mess with cars other settings...
  11. Yeah, I translated the link in Google Chrome and read posts Yesterday, so there was 3 things I noted: 1) There's one guy who was unfortunately able to somehow brick the device or at least that's what he says and Dealership made an offer for 2000 EUR + VAT. 2) Then there's many cases where the 3rd USB update is not successful so they get a RED screen with information saying "change of the device may be required" or something which in mentioned cases was solved with restarting of the car. Everything was as it was before inserting USB3 - new software but no Carplay support. 3) The
  12. I have to say it looks so awesome... I can't wait to have it. But mine is with navigation and it seems these are more problematic...
  13. Hello, Yes, I have also put it on hold right now, at first it seemed easy update, but more problems have emerged in these forums.
  14. Super! I will head home and make the update asap. glad it worked for You!
  15. I understood that from multimedia without Navigation USB 3 files are enough. If You have Multimedia with Navigation then all 1, 2 and 3 USB files are required. So basically with Navigation You add USB 1 files to your 32GB FAT32 formatted USB and start the update. When this is done You restart the system and use the USB 2 files on the same USB(while removing USB1 files) or another USB and restart after 2nd is done to move to 3rd. The 3rd USB files are the longest.
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