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  1. My car is due for its yearly test soon (Europe). I have noticed the DPF or second cat just before the middle box has been cut out. Will this pass an emissions test? If not do you know where I can by the part cheaply? We will be selling the car shortly. The cat closest to the engine is still on the car. It is a RAV 4 T180 2.2D year 2006. Thanks
  2. VSC, 4Wheel Drive, Engine Check lights on then at first the accelerator was dying (no power) but engine was still idling. The lights occasionally go off and car drives normally. Now the lights have come on and the car goes into limp mode and barely rev's. This has been diagnosed now as faulty injectors (by two mechanics). All four need replacing. The cost could be as much as £2000 new and it would only be worth scrapping the car. Has anyone used second hand injectors or knows where I can get some? Based in Europe.
  3. Value in spain is about 2 x the value in the Uk. But I need to get it fixed to change the plates over. Driving now but back into the mechanics after Xmas
  4. Ok so fault code was major fuel leak, yet no apparent leak, any experience with this?
  5. It’s now at another mechanic. Surely if all 4 injectors were knackered the car would not drive at all? It runs fine.
  6. Anyone got any input, before I scrap the thing lol?
  7. The car doesn’t go into limp mode it drives normally just with the lights on on the dash. As advised earlier is a T180 Rav 4 (2.2d). Any advice welcome
  8. Good evening, My 2006 Rav4 T180 when in the garage for the following: VSC, 4Wheel drive, check engine followed by accelerator dying. Turning off restart the car and lights remain but accelerator can be used. Now been in the garage for 8 weeks and have finally said all 4 injectors are faulty and the cost to renew is £2500. Prior to this the following items have been changed as recommended by the garage: battery Filter Helmet air filter pump sensor please advise if anyone has had similar issues, I’d be better off scrapping the car really. Thanks