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  1. Just spent a couple of hours giving her a good clean - passes the time whilst we're cooped up in our homes.
  2. Dan Dare

    Radio code

    I received no documentation, save the service log and V5. Service log does not have a code, so I assume the previous owner would not have changed it. I'm having a stainless exhaust built/fitted. The battery will need to be disconnected as it will involve some welding with it in situ once it has been fabricated. Thanks for the suggestions.
  3. Dan Dare

    Radio code

    Hi All. I'm going to need to disconnect the battery on my Camry soon. As I bought the car secondhand and didn't get an owners manual with it, I have no radio code (which I understand you need to re-activate the radio). Is there any way, apart form asking Toyota (who will likely charge) of finding it out? Not possible to ask the previous owner (who had it since new) as he has departed this mortal coil. A couple of online forums suggest trying the last numbers of the VIN. Is anything else worth a go if that doesn't work? Many thanks for any suggestions.
  4. Hi All. Prompted by Scotty Kilmer and others on YouTube, have acquired my first Toyota at the age of 66 (me, not the car). Have a Camry 2.4 CDX, 2003, one owner since new, less than 5k miles per year, with all annual service stamps in the book from the same garage. A very fine car. Comfortable, solid, lively enough for me at my advanced age and very pleasant to travel in. I drove Saab 99s for many years and, with the demise of Saab, had to give them up as parts had become tricky to source. Had been looking for a car with the same virtues (solid, comfortable, reliable, easy to work on and a little out of the ordinary). Tried a couple and the Camry seems to fit the bill. It replaced a Mazda 6, which I have to say was a decent car, but the Camry definitely has the edge. Older ones are quite rare in the UK, although Americans love them. Apparently this is due to the fact that it was dearer than its rivals and people here like a prestige badge. I couldn't care less about that, but I do appreciate quality. Exhaust is on its last legs, so it's off to Hayward and Scott in January for a bespoke stainless system (not a performance job, I hasten to add - I chose them because they make everything themselves and offer a 25 year guarantee). With a bit of luck, it might see me out if I look after it.