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  1. Hello Duggerz. I don't believe the tensioner was replaced. I sprayed a little wd40 on the belt and it has improved a little. I will do more investigating when I have time. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Hello all, I hope lockdown finds you well and not trying to kill family members. 🤭 I am currently loving my t180. It's laziness calms me when being tailgated and the look on the faces as I warp away is priceless. Recently I have had a "squeal" develop. The way I would describe it is rubber slipping so I'm assuming a belt but quite unsure and here's why. I recently had the alternator and serpentine belt changed. The noise only happens from 4th when accelerating between 1200 and 2000 rpm. Very puzzled. If anyone has any advice on what to check or the cause etc that would be most welcome. Don't want to go to mechanic if I don't have to. Cheers
  3. Hello all and thanks for the replys/suggestions. Managed to get it to a garage.
  4. Ok thanks. Defo puts me at ease. Just need to worry about moving the damn thing now. 😂
  5. Hello all. Needing some help. A fuel filter and battery light came up on the dash today, I thought it was a dpf light and was all set to give it a blast down the motorway to regen it, however with further research as I was waiting for my Mothers departure from hospital I discovered it was the fuel filter light and it apparently needs drained of water (thinking it was an automatic system) anyway I start the car up and bring it round to pick up Mum. We stopped as she needed a few things and I wanted to check the access to drain fuel filter (none) I turn the key and it's dead. My wife came out to give me a jump, it fires up but I get 300 yards down the road and the dash goes dark the rev counter and speedo die I have warning lights etc etc. I get a further half mile down the road and loss of power (like fuel starvation) but continues to drive (I thought limp mode) then eventually it dies on me. Not turning over or nothing. I have no idea where to begin and it's park at the side of the road. Any idea's what has happened? It's a 2008 Avensis T180. Any insight would be appreciated thanks.
  6. Hello all and happy new year. Decided to keep it in the Toyota family. Had a wee iQ and fed it some miracle grow now it's an Avensis T180. Looking forward to covering many lazy miles in it hopefully faultless.
  7. Hello there. Looking for some general advice/thoughts. Just sold regrettably my wee iQ 💔 and I am looking at a Avensis T180 as require something bigger but don't want to spend a lot of cash. I am seeing a lot of head gasket failure problems. Can I avoid this or is it inevitable? That's the only real issue I have. I've owned an Avensis before but petrol and loved it. Any help/advice before I make a decision would be much appreciated. Cheers.