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  1. Suzr

    Dash Cam Fitting

    Update: I have fitted the front dash cam myself to the cigarette lighter which was fairly straightforward! The cable tucked in easily but the only thing now is to find the best position for the camera without it being in my field of view or being too near to the front sensors on the windscreen without causing interference or damage. I'll fit the rear camera in a few days, but that might be more fiddly.
  2. Suzr

    Dash Cam Fitting

    Thanks Michael, that's encouraging to hear.
  3. Suzr

    Dash Cam Fitting

    Thanks Shaun. I'll have a go at fitting it myself and if I get stuck, might go to Halfords after all - I suppose it does depend on the fitter, so hopefully would be ok.
  4. Suzr

    Dash Cam Fitting

    Thanks Bob and yes you could be right about the women's tax! 😀 Having said that I seem to remember a notice on the wall that said £174 to fit dash cams, and yes he would have charged me £8.00 for the connecting leads. Anyway, think I'll go down the cigarette lighter route for now and fit it myself.
  5. Suzr

    Dash Cam Fitting

    Update: I enquired with Toyota, who won't fit the Nextbase cameras I have, as I didn't buy them from them. They recommended a local audio company which they use nearby who could hardwire them for £180! So, as it's so expensive, I've decided to try running the wires myself just into the cigarette lighter, but I won't use parking mode and will unplug when I'm not driving. Hopefully the battery won't be run down - I'd want to remove the camera anyway when I get out in case it was stolen. I also won't use Halfords from the bad reviews I've seen, plus initially they said they wouldn't hardwire hybrids then they said they would, so I don't have much faith in them! If it's too difficult for me to fit, I'll probably then get the recommended audio place to fit them. If I'm not using 'parking mode' and unplugging when not driving, does anyone know whether using the cigarette lighter socket is more or less likely than hardwiring to run the car battery down, when driving infrequently and for short distances, or the same? Is the normal battery in a hybrid (not the traction battery) smaller than other car batterys? If so would it drain quicker? Thank you for all your advice
  6. Suzr

    Dash Cam Fitting

    Thanks everyone. I will contact Toyota first tomorrow to see if they will fit it - not too keen on Halfords doing it!
  7. Suzr

    Dash Cam Fitting

    I have just purchased a new Yaris Hybrid and for Xmas I was given front and rear dash cams from Halfords. Should I let Halfords hardwire the cameras, or do you know if Toyota will fit them and at what cost? Or should I have a go at running the cables round myself - I also don't want to invalidate the car warranty or my car insurance! Any advice appreciated, thank you.