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  1. Driving Eastbound on the M62 on 27th December, with the SatNav destination set for my home, near Sheffield. Approaching junction 20, the SatNav wanted me to leave the M62 and apparently follow the M627 towards Oldham. I thought this extremely dubious, so I continued on the M62. At the next 2 junctions the SatNav wanted me to leave the M62, but I declined. Suddenly the SatNav display had us driving across open country and kept issuing meaningless instructions. My Wife re-entered our destination but this didn't fix it. By the time we actually got home, the Sat Nav had us 35 miles away, somewhere near the M62!!. Oh and only 10 minutes later than our original ETA when we left our start point, the 10 minutes being attributable to a comfort stop! Switching off the engine and restarting almost immediately didn't fix it; leaving it switched off for about 20 minutes did allow the SatNav to "recover" and show us that we were indeed "home"!!! Is this something known about? Can I fix it with an update? Should I take it back to the dealership? I should say I had the SatNav updated in early November, a week after taking delivery of the vehicle, because it couldn't (and still can't!!) recognise my home postcode, which is NOT new.