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  1. I’m a fairly relaxed driver just wanted to find out how good the engine was for overtaking when needed thanks for your help.
  2. It’s mainly everyday performance and fuel economy I know there is a difference but just wanted to know how much difference there actually is?
  3. In a owners prospective what is the better hybrid 1.8 or 2.0 As I want one as my next car as touring sports but stuck on what engine to go for?
  4. Thanks for doing that.
  5. Can you please measure from the floor to lowest bit of the roof of the car please? Also is it a flat load bay ?
  6. What is the height of boot with a spare wheel n false boot floor as at this time the dealership is shut? In the hatchback
  7. Hsd tony Iv been reading reviews and watching them and all measurements was different so that’s why I’d ask a owner as I have a wheelchair to put in a boot of a car I need to mainly know the height of boot opening mainly?
  8. Boot sill to top of opening length of boot width of boot