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  1. Thanks, it lost drive in auto gear then managed to drive it to a safe place in low gear but now no drive at all. someone told me that it could be the clutch plates worn but not able to get any inspection for the past few days, so could be looking for a recon auto gearbox or else replace the car for another one
  2. Thank you for your reply, it has done 143,000 but had the engine rebuilt at around 120.000.
  3. Many thanks for your reply, Imwill get a second opinion.
  4. Does the Estima and Previa have the same engines and gearboxes , as there seem to be more posts on Estimas than previas. thank you
  5. I love my previa it has been great, but it broke down yesterday with loss of drive from the automatic gearbox box. checked the gear box oil which was full but black. So seems something is wearing inside. a mechanic told me it is past repair as worn inside so will need replacement. My question is could the diagnosis be correct which I suspect it is, therefore does anyone have a recommendation for a replacement gearbox with torque converter especially anywhere in Surrey or nearby. thank you The previa is 2003 with petrol 2.4 engine.
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