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  1. Thanks for the replies and advice, I have managed to get a main dealer part supplied and fitted for £230
  2. What sort of ball park figure do you think it would be for a custom
  3. Help the back box on my Yaris SR 1.8L (2008) has just fallen off, local exhaust companies have no stock. Does anyone know where I might get one of how much a custom would be? Cheers Gaz.
  4. The photos are with the boot open looking into the roof gulley, in both corners the first two photos are the top right corner, I think this is the worst as the crack disappears under the roof gulley rubber. The last photo is of the left hand corner. I’ll try and take better pictures in the daylight.
  5. I’ll pop and see them next week, does anyone know if it is a big job to repair?
  6. Help I’ve been having issues with my Yaris 1.8SR (2008). I bought the car from a local car garage about two months ago and I love it but every time it rains the boot gets wet I’ve been on the forum before and first thought it could be the rear light gaskets I got the part number and they been replaced but still no joy, then I thought it might be the electrical loom seal but water was getting in behind both lights. Now I’ve looked higher and there are cracks on both sides just in each top corner letting in water. does anyone know if these can be fixed (ideally by not just smearing silicone over them) Does the dealer have any responsibility to fix them. cheers Gaz.
  7. Hi thanks for the responses, I don’t have a sun roof. It looks like it could only come from the seal around the rear washer or the electrical seal near the spoiler both of which appear in good condition and the amount of water that pools in my boot points to significant leak.
  8. Help I’ve been finding water leaking into the boot of my Yaris SR 1.8, it’s coming from behind the rear lights. I first thought it could be the light gaskets which after much searching I have replaced but water is still getting through, it looks like it is tracking down from above the lights but inside the body work. Does anyone know of any other seals that be leaking.
  9. Yeah they provided parts 81564-52260, euro parts were the same for the light clusters again they were for a standard Yaris.
  10. Wow thanks for the reply that was ultra rapid, I have the 3dr model. The parts I ordered were from Toyota on eBay, do know of any good sites I could get parts from.
  11. Hi I’ve bought a 1.8L Yaris Sr, it’s a superb little car. The only problem is both rear light clusters are letting water into the boot. It sounds like this is a known issue for a Yaris, I have ordered some new gaskets but they do not fit the SR model I’ve also ordered new light clusters from europart but they are not like for like. Has anyone got advice on how I can stop the leak or where I can get parts from. Cheers Gaz.
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