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  1. Then the plug in is very worthy of consideration if you have easy access to charging it. Who cares about dodgyness 🙂 Nah ain't happening for 10k.
  2. Nah only plug-in hybrids can maybe get those mpg. I know someone who has a Yaris hybrid for sale, comes with HID and dashcam for 10k, who want a quick sale as they want a bm 220d auto coupe 😉
  3. They CC had changed for 15" from April 2019, have to pay for London CC. Yes excel isn't readily available.
  4. 2017 excel for 10k ain't happening even if we all want for u haha. Your are lucky to get a 2016, although I haven't checked. Yes same for me BM 2series 220d auto coupe 2016 for 10k 😉
  5. I had 2 BMW 3 series coupe in my younger days. A 318 is and 323 ci, I like the rear wheel drive of these cars. I actually also like the Audi TT auto diesel too, but again it has to be 2015 onwards, cost similar to BM 2 series coupe. Yes I want a garage if I can get it, cos what is the next craze for stealing things off cars? EV battery I guess when EV are mainstream. I think petrol or diesel cars by then would be a bad choice to keep, they will charge for putting a tyre out onto the road let alone drive it haha.
  6. Am not bother about likes lol. Much more bother about good motor that cost little, reliable, suitable for what I need and safe! 🙂 Been saving for a 🏠 so have to be more prudent on choice of car now! Which is the reason economy of 60+ mpg is important.
  7. Many years ago I bought an old fiesta. It came with brighter bulbs, I didn't check until much later in my ownership it was 100w. At the time, I thought great these are brighter lights, yes please. If there was an issue after with the insurance company if involved in an accident, I will fight them in court as I didn't modified it and cannot know if that or other parts are standard or not. The same goes for going bigger tyres/wheels I just do it. I say I got the car like that if it ever become an issue, just replacing like for like tyres etc.
  8. Like I said, think car halogen lighting law is outdated. Halogen isn't good at 55w. Maybe could compromise at 80w max, still not as good as hid/led but will be an improvement for those who seek it.
  9. Z4 is a very nice car. Would have love to own it when I was younger, now it's not practical for me. The superb looks very nice also, for u yeah. Me, I need a bit more compact.
  10. Not road legal. However I think the law on this is a bit outdated. Halogen lighting on the whole isn't good enough, so higher wattage usage should be allowed. Do know some cars wiring and headlight units could melt but that's another issue.
  11. Damn where I currently squat doesn't even have double glaze lol, tho it does have a ceiling fan in the lounge 🙂 Was looking to trade current car for the bm 120d, a 2011 m sports on eBay cost 5.5K. Shame that those euro 5 cars can last another 10 years and yet be no good. Staying put for a year at least now. The 2 series BM coupe 2015 need to drop more in price for me to pay just a little on trade in.
  12. I like the torque of a diesel unit, near 180bhp is great. Full leather interior I was looking for. I had Audi A1 and a3 before, haven't been inside the 1 series coupe, but don't mind too much. The bm coupe have always look nice to me like the Audi TT. Mx5 are great cars, but don't think they come in diesel like the Honda too? So not efficient enough. Also I sometimes take more than one passenger so a 4 seaters helps. Maybe the Audi A1 or a3 is better for u then? 🙂
  13. When I decided against getting the auris or Lexus ct200 hybrid due to cat theft, I actually wanted the bmw 1 series coupe 120d auto but it's freaking euro5, where most cities are going to charge. It would be in my price range easily as I didnt mind getting an old 2011. The 2 series coupe is out of price range for me at this moment! Damn it. 😞
  14. Once upon a time I was looking to get a puma, test drove a few, very good as owners reviews were in how they drove. However they weren't good example, price or spec that I want. One didnt have electric mirrors, one hasnt had cambelt changed at 60k which was a big thing on the puma. Stick to the Yaris only, 2nd car would be waste money on everything, then might as well get the bm 🙂