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  1. Good luck with the job. I have normal halogen bulb for the Yaris DRL I'm pretty happy with that as the bulb are 10 for 12 or 13£.
  2. Nice new ride. Same I don't like the CVT noise either and forever driving very skillfully to get as much electric drive as possible. I will next move to electric if possible, if not I will consider what u got.
  3. snowBALLs


    As others have said it needs a service, at the very least an oil & filter change. Is the car 3 years old or older? The service can be done at independent garages too which should be cheaper than at a dealer.
  4. Cost too much as stated above. Another vote for standalone, i feel in most vehicles the screen position are of a higher risk when looking at it. I always use standalone unless the vehicle has hud.
  5. Yes very reliable. Just mind that thief are targeting the cat from this car.
  6. I had that glass broken as well early in the year by a serial thief in the area, who broke into region of 100 vehicles over a 3 months period. Lockdown sort of stopped the thief's action. When lockdown eased, were at it again. Haven't got caught yet. I had it replaced with glass excess on my policy which were at 90, quite high. That glass piece can be bought from Toyota for about 25, don't know how easy/difficult it is to DIY. Sorry to hear.
  7. Did the width of the tyre remain the same? If it went 20mm less then u will notice a massive difference. My came with Dunlop Sports bluResponse. Nope it was horrid for me. Toyota put a narrow tyre on this hybrid due to wanting a higher MPG headline. As bigger tyres has more resistance, therefore a bit lower MPG.
  8. Most Yaris hybrid came with narrow tyres and sidewall of 65. Not enough surface grip and a high sidewall makes the tyre flex during cornering. Being a hybrid it has heavier front end due to the electric motor, this was a pretty bad combination with narrow tyres. I hated so much how it handles around corners until bigger tyres were put on.
  9. For a city car the Yaris hybrid is very good. Its adequate for the occasional motorway and rural long journeys. Apart from the top trim or thereabout which has bigger tyres, the lower trim has too small a tyre which makes the car body roll on corners. So changing to bigger tyres is a must. If living in the rural areas with twisty roads and regular speed limit of 40-60mph or driving motorways regularly then this car would not be effective. For a small automatic car it does a great job with fuel efficiency.
  10. The best I got were 72.9mpg on a 25 miles city drive. Usually 60+mpg in the summer and 50mpg in winter. The prius having a larger hybrid battery helps, also it's to do with the road conditions one drives on I think. If I were to drive 40mph for a long stretch on a road then I could achieve higher mpg due to the electric power. Other I had seen screenshot of the Yaris getting 82mpg on a run also. I just think overall the Prius still gets more mpg generally due to its larger hybrid battery over the Yaris.
  11. Basically what the knowledgeable people said, reject the car, return for a full refund.
  12. Sounds like you maybe have not contacted the garage and let them know and fix the problem. So get in touch and let them fix it. If they then ask u for some payment towards the repair, throw the sales of good act at them. U don't pay anything and can get your full refund under the law.
  13. Good thing u checked! I wouldn't have as would trust the garage to do a correct job. This saved u from breathing in dust! Recently changed the cabin and air filter myself. Unless the car need a dealer/garage service to maintain the warranty, I do simple tasks myself. Use a national garage for the oil and filter change as I don't have the facility/equipment to do this. Oil, oil filter, cabin and air filter cost less than 60 quids. Would save 25 if I can do the oil change myself.
  14. Aygo is good for local driving, any distance driving probably isn't good, unless at least go wider on the tyres. Yaris is very good, I would opt for the 1.3 as the 1.0 can be underpower. Look for the top spec t spirit trim if possible.
  15. Toyota is certainly a sensible car. I've had 3 in total and they have been the most reliable. Unable to help with remap question as I don't know enough. Changing to performance exhaust/Air filter will gain a few bhp but it will increase in noise, personally I don't think the cost of parts, noise and insurance increase are worth it. Regarding handling, the cheapest method I have done is to increase the width of the tyres by 20mm when it comes to change them. Obviously decrease the aspect ratio of the sidewall so it's still within tolerance of the Speedo for your car.