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  1. You are not going to get white light from halogen, I think halogen only go upto 3700k. Only led and HiD can get white light from 5000k to 6000k.
  2. On my Yaris the DRL is bright on its own, when the side light is turned on the DRL becomes dim. My guess is 21w is the DRL on its own, once side light is on DRL becomes 5w.
  3. eBay 10 bulbs for like 4-5£ very cheap. Think it's T10/W5W 6k. No canbus problem.
  4. That is the one area I dislike about the pre new yaris. It lacks power for hills and goes noise crazy.
  5. That's a beast at 257 bhp right? Enjoy it, u will no doubt. I'm no boy racer anymore 😀, so will go EV with 135 or 200bhp in a few years time.
  6. Front wiper I got a Bosch one for about £13 and it's very good. During the lockdown early this year I made sure the car were driven at least every 4 days to the shops or park when I did exercise. Passed MOT earlier this month with no advisory since the last one 18months ago. Changed the pollen and air filter myself also this year as well fitting led interior and boot bulbs.
  7. In addition to above, don't confuse others with mild hybrid as the Swift isn't better than the standard petrol and cost a lot more. Not in the same category with 'proper hybrid' no matter how much people want to spin it. Previously I stated I'm fairly content with the Yaris as it ticked most boxes for me. But don't like rapid acceleration noise from the weak engine and narrow tyres which came with the lower trims. Think the new yaris is much better now with more power so less noisy with rapid acceleration. For 20k nah....will get a used EV Zoe ze50 for that money. So back to topic.......
  8. No one savvy would remotely consider buying a mild hybrid, they are nonsense. If fuel economy isn't the major factor why buy a hybrid? Just get a 3.0 V6 turbo.
  9. Would absolutely bother me with a mild hybrid, gets 50mpg compared to Yaris 60mpg+. Watched a review of the Swift mild hybrid on YouTube and it only gets 3-4 mpg more than its own standard petrol version, what is the point.
  10. That is good of u Mick. I have the original in a box too, keeping them so when the time come to sell/trade in the car they go back in!
  11. Hybrid is the best option if cannot go full EV for whatever reason i.e cost/range no home charging option etc. MG EV base model can be bought for 20k now. I want to go ev but not able to charge at home and also cost is out of my reach atm, want the Zoe ze50 GT line. In 18months+ time I may have a change of address to have a charge point install and cost comes down on a used 2 years old ze50. Even when Toyota brings out an ev I will wait for 2-3 years to be within my budget. Although I'm fairly content with the Yaris hybrid, really want to get my hand on the Zoe 50kwh 135bhp with instant torque and quietness.
  12. Good to hear of the good result of these 150% bulbs. I haven't had experience of the optiwhites, by the sound of it, these probably just as bright. Another member recommend these bulbs so they may be able to comment on longevity. I would have kept the spare optiwhite in case the need to buy another set or this bulb blows or even the original blows so can use it until replacement! 🙂 Glad u have managed to sort out the leveling issue. My car is set to 1.5 on the dial for normal driving, 0 for dual/motorways. Last weekend I was driving in the rural country roads with mist in the dark for about 6-8miles, i would be in trouble had if it were on the original bulbs.
  13. I know someone who had the cat stolen from their old Lexus SUV, they then had a non OEM cat fitted so it doesn't get stolen again. They said the car is using more fuel compared to the OEM cat. Sorry to hear your pain. Non OEM does appear to use more fuel. Hybrid doesn't get tested for emissions. I was looking to get the auris hybrid or Lexus ct200h earlier this year, but having read about the cat being stolen on these cars I stay put.
  14. The light is visibly better than the original and half the price of the optiwhites, so it's good. Maybe time will tell whether it degrades fast or hold up the brightness or have many hours of life.
  15. Oh no I would feel sick having your new car without folding mirrors.
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