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  1. Brace yourself people...... Lockdown will be in place at least until early June according to some boffin within the modelling thingy...... 😞
  2. Took the car for a quick 2-3 miles drive just now, been sitting for 5 days. Was about to drive to the park and do a 8km walk, then start to rain with slight hailstones. Back indoors, will do the walk later. Roads very quiet, was just a 10mins drive.
  3. Haha I know it cannot be done in a Yaris so I was looking to get a Lexus ct200h premium which has all the whistles including electric driver seat for under 10k - 2012-13. No Pan roof, don't know if they make pan roof for it. But u know what... Cat gets stolen as the car is like an auris in the main. 😞
  4. I want heated leather seats, heated and folding mirrors and xenon, too much to ask for a Yaris!
  5. I'd like to have the experience owning a car with a panoramic roof one day. I always keep a standalone sat Nav in the car, the phone for back up where the sat Nav sometimes in the sticks, isn't accurate with the postcodes.
  6. Anything which takes the attention off the road when driving we can all agree on, it's bad. Hence I mentioned previously I do not like the sat nav screen in the Yaris, the position is bad and dangerous for me. This apply to many other car manufacturers too. The Audi's I had were better with screen positioning higher up. Although it cannot beat a standalone where I can position anywhere on the windscreen to minimise eyes off the road. I wasn't fuss when the Yaris didn't come with sat Nav for my trim, i wouldn't have used it anyway over a standalone.
  7. Just my 2pence. Think the 1.8 is probably the one for u with 20k+ miles a year and with a young family. The savings will add up over the 2.0 for 4 years. With say, just 5mpg better than the 2.0, u will maybe saved £200+ a year. Spend that on your family. I do 10k a year so would go for the power of 2.0.
  8. All season isn't snow tyres so will not perform great in snow, better than summers of course. It depends how much snow days where you are and how bad it is. Can still get 15" wheels with winter tyres of 195/60/15 - this profile has more air than your current one; though your current profile is fine.
  9. Then you are better of getting all season tyres for next winter. It's not about being over the hill 🙂 safety should be high priority. I had the bad futune of 175 profile and it's absolutely pathetic. Now my car has 185 it's a lot better, although once this set is worn I will go 195.
  10. Cannot help with fitment. Are you sure u want to go down this route. Wheels + tyres cost for little gain? Also imo it's better to have the 195 profile tyres u got now than smaller. If u give decide to go ahead and get 15" wheels and tyres of 175/65/15 u will regret it fella, the handling is pathetic on this.
  11. The lowest price one is in my range, but not red, don't like it unless ferrari 🙂 Besides just changed all new tyres so will keep for another year or so. Just start the engine every few days or go for a short drive. Weather is getting a bit better so should be ok.
  12. I know, however need to have a replacement in place right away.
  13. Bummer. I need to trade in my car though so wouldn't work with private seller.
  14. Yes, however not for Yaris. Other Toyota hybrids.
  15. That's a decent price with pan roof. Maybe that cat thief were just determine once got under to get the Yaris. It's alright then that u are not going to sell it on. Have a look at the mirror control panel by the dash, see if it has a small button resembles the heated symbol. Yeah the Yaris hybrid do hold their value very well. I have the icon trim, although I do want to trade in for the top trim like yours, but it holds value. Trade in always take a hit, as well just changed new tyres all corners, so will keep for a while longer.