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  1. Got this from e bay. Not sure how it would look but really pleased with it.
  2. Not been over impressed with my dealer, Hendy of Salisbury. There was the fiasco of the rear skirt ordered on the Toyota web site which turned out to be the same as I already had on the car. They took the skirt off and fitted the same one 🤔 turns out there should not have been the option to order on the site for the GR. looked at my service book the other day, completely devoid of anything. Got in touch with the dealer who replied we are happy for you to come in at any time to get the book stamped up. No sorry at all. I am 55 miles away from the dealer in Hampshire now. I said so I guess it was forgotten about. Oh yes it seems so he said, I eventually got an apology as well. Not impressed at all sadly.
  3. Hi and welcome Steve. 😄
  4. Roger F

    Paint Code

    Thanks all, found it now.
  5. Roger F

    Paint Code

    Thanks will check that out
  6. Roger F

    Paint Code

    Oh can’t see anything on the door plate, do you mean where the tyre pressures are.
  7. Roger F

    Paint Code

    Hi all, looked at every label I can find but no visible paint code, can anyone point me in the right direction, thank you.
  8. Mine ok now, think the rear rattle was from the seat belt hitting on the hard plastic.
  9. Roger F

    Rattle in C-HR

    Mine seems to be a constant rattle now over any bumps or bad roads 😡
  10. Roger F

    My T App

    The app was fine on the Corolla, but on the chr it only seems to register some journeys and one day none at all. Spoke to dealer and the words chocolate and fire guard spring to mind. Anyone else getting problems like this?
  11. Roger F

    Rattle in C-HR

    Very irritating when you get these rattles, especially when you can’t find the cause. I have a ticking noise from the seatbelt fixing area, and I also did hear a slight rattle over a bumpy road so will keep an ear out for it.
  12. Thought it would be nice to see some pics of our lovely cars. Starting with my GR Sport.
  13. Thought it would be nice to see some pics of our lovely cars. Starting with my GR Sport.
  14. Looks great Chris, this is what my dealer told me on the phone this evening. I will be interested to hear what yours come up with regards the rear skirt. Dealer said there have been a lot of discussions today about it. They ordered the gr skirt and fitted the one that arrived. What they should have noticed was the one they put on was exactly the same as the one they took off, doh! He said after much investigation they have found I do have the right skirt as it is standard on the GR. so I said in that case on the website when you order your car there should be no option to order another skirt. He said that’s right and we are so embarrassed and very sorry. So giving me my money back. To be honest Chris I am still not convinced by their version. When I said why did your guys fit the same skirt and not notice he said their job was only to take off and fit. MMMmmm.
  15. Thanks Chris, my dealer is 55 miles away as we moved house so will be a journey. seems mine not been done for sure either. The other pic is what it should have been I think. 😡
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