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  1. 3 months and 600 miles on my denim blue 2.0 hatchback. I love the pano roof. It looks great as well, most of the roof being black glass with the black shark fin ariel. My first hybrid, braking is ok, the only time it seems not so good is when I am coming to a stop gently and then you seem to have to press the brake pedal quite hard to bring it to a halt or it will drift on. The boot is a bit shallow compared to the Kia Ceed gt I had before. No big deal though. The leather seats are lovely, it says black but to me more of a dark grey and looks good with the red and chrome in the headrests. I have Apple car play which for some reason a few times when on a call it stopped working and cut the phone call off. So I have not bothered with it lately. Anyone else had this? Car is great to look at and averaging around 55 at the moment. The piano black areas look good but being very careful not to scratch.
  2. The leather seats are more grey than black and in my opinion are gorgeous, look great with the red and the chrome around the head rests
  3. Roger F

    MyT app

    Thanks, I have gone through those steps. Think I have done it ok. Will it go to 100% on completion status when I have registered.
  4. I had guards fitted by dealer, look great. They are not that big anyway. Hardly notice them with denim blue.
  5. Roger F

    MyT app

    Hi All, a bit of advice required please regards the app. It tells me it is 88% on status. Trying to Register and connect multi media device. I have pressed set up in car and it is not showing the screen with connectivity, in fact I am not getting the Set up screen with the apps on as in general, display, audio, connectivity, map, navigation, traffic and Toyota on line. It asks for serial number so I thought I could put that in to register, but I can’t seem to find where that is either. I am thinking mine is touch 2 and generation 2 being 2020 model. Any help gratefully received, thanks Roger.
  6. It’s a hatchback Devon Aygo, I was on fish bros site Malcster and yes agree about prices. Think I will hang on, more important than price is getting right ones. At least dealer will order the right ones for the car.
  7. I have found some with on Toyota direct parts at a good price, the part number is PW38202003. Still not sure if these are correct for my car, their help Line is not available in the present climate. Wondered if anybody had got these with this part number.
  8. Thanks Timmon, I will check that out. I did not have the pro pack as I did not want the rear boot protector.
  9. I have been looking on line for scuff plates for front and rear doors for my 2020 2.0 litre hybrid hatchback. All the ones I see are not for my car. I may have to wait until dealers reopen. I wondered if anyone else had bought some. Thanks Roger.
  10. That’s interesting Devon Aygo, have you any idea of Overall price for the 2.0 fit and parts
  11. I wanted a spare in my 2 litre, the dealer said the boot would have to be modified to fit, I never asked for a price but guessed it would be expensive so I did not bother.
  12. Roger F

    Clown Horn

    I was in the car, I then tried it when I got home with the door open and to be honest it did not sound so quiet, perhaps the soundproofing is very good.
  13. Roger F

    Clown Horn

    Used my horn for the first time yesterday, I was taking my son out to show him my new car. We looked at each other in amazement. I am sure the car that cut me up did not hear it because we hardly could. 😳
  14. Thanks for the pics, I will be buying Thinkware F800 pro, had the F770 in my Kia and was well impressed.