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  1. Hi everyone, I have just bought an early 2011 hilux, a pre face lift model. I need to know if there are any differences, other than the obvious bonnet and grill, from the mark 7 or post face lift model. I am looking to modify my car and am a bit confused, some sellers say there parts fit 2005 to 2011 models alone say 2005 to 2015 and others say 2005 to 2015. Among other mods I am looking to buy a front spoiler guard and I can only find one for the 2011 to 2105 model hilux. If the two models are the same from the grill down I know it will fit. Thanks for any help or advice, Spiker
  2. Went to have look at the wife's car again after work, car turned over but wouldn't start first three attempts. I decided to give it one last try, pumped the accelerator and kept it turning over and it finally caught. It doesn't run smooth but at least it has started. Thanks for all the help and advice 👍👍
  3. Hi, just got in from work and had a look at the wife's Rav. The immobiliser flashes until you put the key in, then it stops flashing until you take the key out. Does this mean that the problem is not with the key fob? Thanks again for the help
  4. Hi everyone, Hopefully someone out there can help. My wife has a new rav4, it's a 2007 model, so she is selling her 2001 model. The key fob case is broken so before selling I decided to get a new case. My problem is that with the new case the car locks and unlocks but the car wont start. On the first attempt it started for a few seconds, after that it turns over but wont start. I thought maybe it was something to do with the programming even though it was just a new case not a new fob. I followed instructions online, putting the key in and out and opening and shutting the doors etc. But nothing, the car wont start. Before I call a mobile mechanic is there something I have missed or still need to do? As it was just a case I thought it would be straight forward. Thanking you all in advance for your help and advice. Spiker