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  1. Did you sound proof your Yaris? If so, where?
  2. Yes i know he did. I can read. I also asked if downgrading to 16" inch would help. Have you read the thread?
  3. Who said anything about cheaper tyres? 16" tyres have more tyre than 17" tyres.
  4. do you think downgrading to 16" tyres will help?
  5. 17" tyres... back Continental, front two, chinese brand.
  6. Hello all, I recently bought a 2016 Auris 1.2 Auto and find the noise in the cabin above 60mph really loud. My old Golf Mark 4 was so quiet and am finding it difficult to adjust. Ive seen a few posts about putting sound deadening material in the doors. Has anyone done this and noticed an improvement?