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  1. Noah'sArk

    Buying Advice

    I must be a minority but I love the MMT gearbox. I drive it in Manual Mode rather than auto. Wouldn't go back to full auto now! (I don't drive full manuals).
  2. My 2012 aygo came with a full sized spare, jack and wheel nut tool + spare wheel nuts if I wanted to take the locking nuts off.
  3. I bought motion sensor LED strip from ebay . Yet to fit them but in theory should do the trick.
  4. Noah'sArk


    My manual states that you can't have headlights and DRL on at the same time. I have an older Aygo though.
  5. I was charged £66 to change from my Mitusbishi 1.6 auto to Aygo 1l. I've put it down to admin fees. Damn you Churchill!
  6. I have the MMT gear box and it's really smooth in manual mode, not so much in *E* mode. Can't comment on fully manual sorry
  7. Cheers, will rty doing it myself first, I have been quoted £50 for a professional steam cleaning company to do it if I fail. Sounds far easier than replacing the liner 🙂
  8. I have some in my cupboard already, bonus! I shall try it tomorrow, the weather has been too dire today. The roof lining has completely dried out now, replacing the high level brake light did the trick. Hopefully i can report back with positive results!
  9. When I first filled up my Aygo I was stood at the forecourt for waaay too long trying to work out how to open the thing, felt a real tool 😑
  10. Is replacing the roof liner a job I can do myself you think? (I'm pretty hands on but no car pro!) I've been on to the dealer and they are going to pat for replacement rear lights, including the high level brake light so hopefully all should be well soon! Thanks for the advice.
  11. The spores are coming off easily with carpet cleaner, seems a bit extreme to replace the whole lining (and not something I would like to attempt) for that small area at the back :s
  12. Hey guys and gals, my first post 🙂 I recently purchased a new (to me) 2012 Aygo. Unfortunately I have (what seems to be a very common) problem of water getting into the boot. I have sealed the rear light (not looking forward to changing a bulb in the future! what a pants design). After the rain we have had the past days the problem persists, I now believe it's also the high rear brake light. My next job! The problem is the cloth roof lining has got rather sodden underneath the brake light and looks unsightly (and still damp) what would be the best thing to use to a- dry it out and b- get rid of the water stain? I also have little black dot marks on the roof lining :s Thanks in advance!