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  1. I had a 2006 Lexus 2.2 Diesel and you had to drive it 3 miles to get it up to temp! Awful MPG 33-38 mpg. Turbo lag. 6th gear unusable as gets bogged under 75mph! 6 miles a day in a City is crazy for a diesel. Buy a petrol! The headgasket went at 187,000 and by far my worst ever buy. Diesel, never again. Have an Auris Hybrid now and good mpg. Averaging 54mpg atm. Diesels really need regular long runs. Ideally commuting good distances to work, where used regular and warmed up well. James.👍
  2. I try and avoid them. It's good if you know where they are. Not good if driving in a new area and raining and filled with water! Only, so far had a screw through the very edge. Thankfully only a budget tyre. I buy Michelin Energy savers for my 1996 Volvo 940 and always buy the Tyre insurance for the reason above! James👍
  3. When we had a new Corolla in France in 2007 it had 7km on it! Are you thinking they damaged it and having the paintwork repaired? May just be cleaning it.
  4. Anyone know how much the solar charger is? Be a good way to keep my new battery topped up once new battery installed. James👍
  5. Ok thanks. See what they say when they get one! James👍
  6. Where I live at a Marina, car is in residents car park, so would need to remove battery to bring it to boat to put it on charge. Pain really, as a trickle charger left on is ideal if power point near the car. Driving it more, seems easier! James👍
  7. Much milder the last few days, so the batteries give more power. I went on a 50 mile each way drive to near Buxton a few weeks back and I was averaging 57mpg at 1 degree. It loved the A515 as 50mph and the villages. Usual average 53mpg. I'm not trying to drive economically at the moment. James👍
  8. Not a Corolla but have a 2015 Auris hybrid. Used the car for short runs, last good run week before of 60 miles and 100miles previous week. Went to chippy on Friday. Saturday went local shop all fine. Saturday lunchtime dead! Used other 1996 Volvo for shopping. Called in to Toyota and said bring it in for battery test. Got back, put shopping away and it fired right up! Phoned dealer but busy until Monday, so gave it a 40 minute drive. Dropped car off at dealer on Monday, got taxi home and used Volvo. Dealer rang to say car ready in 40 mins, giving it a wash. Arrived in Taxi, dealer sa
  9. For me it's a yes. I purchased a 2015 Auris hybrid estate with 26,000miles and it came with 12 months approved used warranty but bought the extra 2 years warranty on top as well as a service plan. £720. The AC packed in 6 months after buying. Dealer explained "if stone damage not covered" Found Condenser leaking on bottom right corner. Refused on phone, then dealer sent photos and thankfully Toyota 12 months used warranty paid for a new condenser and fitting and regas. Sadly had to wait for 3 months to get a Condenser as on back order. I have got my £500 covered there in the one repa
  10. The motoring press love it! Toyota is doing well in the WRC and will be a collectors car.
  11. When I lived in France, We were looking for a new car in 2007 and read reports at the time the 6th speed manual had some issues. We therefore ordered the new Corolla D4D 1.4 hatchback with a 5 speed gearbox. James.
  12. Where I went, I was the only one on the lanes. But yes, true. Near me Scotch hills lane is my favourite. James.👍
  13. Brings back memories of the beast from the east! In my area 7ft high snow drifts. Exactly like the photo of the lanes near me. Loved getting out in my rear wheel drive Volvo 940 with Goodyear Ultragrip 9 winter tyres. Really great in the snow in my automatic Volvo. James👍
  14. A photo of it just before collection. Buyer delighted with the alloys and tyres. As alloys nice and tyres only 2 months old!
  15. I had a Lexus IS220D with the same 2.2 diesel. I got tempted by a nice looking example with high mileage. 173,000miles Paid £1,475 for it. My biggest waste of money! Fitted new AC condenser. Used full size wheel as space saver damaged. Then new Avon ZV7 tyres all round. After 18 months and 187,000 miles, started to pressurise and dump coolant out of coolant reservoir vent pipe. Got far worse over a few months and didn't drive it as could overheat as it was loosing it so fast. Tried K seal but it didn't work. Last resort as not worth spending on. If you are going to fix existing engine K
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