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  1. A friend years ago had a ford Mondeo from around 2002 in age. In around 2010 the front spring broke at 30mph. Had it recovered and local garage replaced only the broken one! I said to him to get the other front one done. Didn't and 2 months later other old front spring broke, but this time took out the tyre as well! Had other spring done, then other parts started to fail like exhaust and then other issues. Part Exchanged shortly afterwards at around 120k. Another ford! A C max. Load of trouble, then a Vauxhall Meriva/Zafira again trouble. Now a land rover! I buy Japanese or and older RWD Volvo! James.
  2. I know, not great is it. Bought 8 Energiser and 4 Panasonic brand. Now keep some in the glovebox! James
  3. I replaced an injector seal in my Lexus IS 220D with the 2.2 litre Diesel lump. There is a write up somewhere. Here it is: This is the guide I used. I just replaced the perished O ring as well broken and couldn't get the copper washer out as it's around 9 inches down. Once done, silence returned and no diesel smell. Took me 40 minutes. The car symptoms were a diesel smell in the cabin and the engine noisier than normal and making a fut fut noise audible from outside the car, from under the engine cover. You could also see vaporised diesel leaking out around the injector. Do not get your hands near as under pressure. My injector came out easily with lifting up with a screwdriver and wiggling and pulling up with some water pump pliers. Not long after I scrapped it as head gasket went! James.
  4. Yes, its a good colour. Red like you would be my first choice then denim blue as a change from grey, silver etc. On my 2015 Auris I bought in January, I chose the car as I liked the blue colour which was Island Blue! Blue is probably more sensible as suspect the red may fade if keeping the car many years? James.
  5. I like the Corolla in Scarlet Flare or Denim Blue. Really sets it off. James.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I'll pop it open and have a look. It's a CR2032 James
  7. I have a 2015 Auris Hybrid and need to renew the key fob battery again. Bought the car in January and same warning on dash so Toyota dealer changed both batteries in each fob. Battery low warning again, so suspect old stock. Going to change them myself and buy my own. What battery is in them? Many thanks. James.
  8. When I bought my Auris in January I took advantage of the Toyota 3 day drive home insurance. Had a quote from Toyota Insurance. £650 Had 2 cars to insure and as already with Admiral, just paid the difference until renewal. Tried the comparison sites and only saved £20 so didn't bother. Cost was originally £1000 for both cars, but I got £100 back from them due to paying out less claims. James.
  9. R12 refrigerant? Think it had a better cooling capacity? Then R134A Came along as more ozone friendly. James.
  10. I like my 2015 Auris interior quite cold! If it's really hot I set it to max low on full fan, recirculate and after 10 minutes set it to 18 degrees and on auto. Yesterday I left it on 18 degrees and auto and it took around 7 minutes to start blowing cold air. After 20 minutes it was cold. I was just sitting stationary in the car listening to music. My car is 5 years old and who knows if it's ever been re-gassed. In 2007 we bought a brand new corolla hatchback 1.4 D4D Linea Techno trim when we lived in France and the CC in that was Ice Cold. Had to turn it down as it would freeze your fingers at the wheel! So quite possibly AC not as good. Possibly a Hybrid thing to keep efficiency? Travelled to the Bergerac region in 38 degree heat in the shade and the AC worked great and lovely and cool travelling around Castillonnes near Bergerac. James.
  11. Does your hybrid like the Auris have the button soft/........ more mode button? This higher setting adjusts the fan speed out of eco mode and blows at a higher rate. James.
  12. Today saw 2 car transporters on the A38 just south of Burton On Trent, heading northbound. Looked like all Rav 4's. James.
  13. At least they will get to the bottom of it. Possibly a missing O ring on production or one that just didn't seat well. You'll be glad when it works as great in Winter to demist the windscreen. James
  14. If It's the same 2.2 litre 177bhp engine as used in my Lexus IS220D then mine blew out coolant from header vent but no overheating as didnt drive it and kept topping up. After a month it got far worse and undriveable. Overflowing from start up and dumping it out with bubbles like a volcano. Tried K seal. Useless. Scrapped it and got £350. It had 184,000 when scrapped. It has been my worst car! Didn't like the Gearbox mismatch, turbo lag. Build quality, colour, comfort and safety was good. My £250 Volvo 940 petrol automatic has been great in the 4 years of ownership. Now run in at 200,000 miles! Bought a 2015 Auris hybrid which I like with 26,800miles. You could try steel seal? James.