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  1. Apparently normal. If coolant level, normal level then no issues. A lack of use and dampness. When weather cold my Volvo exhaust vapour you can really see, my 2015 Auris hybrid, nothing until the weather is cold, then just a bit. It's only done 33,000miles. Volvo 940 petrol auto 205,000miles. Use it more and just enjoy! James.👍
  2. A good price for a new corolla. Icon Tech all you need. Not sat in one yet. You do need to be comfortable though. The trek one is growing on me. Seats look better. Took me a while to find the best seat position on my Auris to get it comfortable. I have a 1996 Volvo 940 petrol estate for work and replaced the half grey leather seats with used full grey leather seats and that's very comfortable. The original drivers seat was a bit worn at 200,000miles! Hope you find something comfy! James.
  3. An estate Auris TS I presume to replace your avensis? I'm pleased with mine. 2015 pre facelift Auris Hybrid. 0 road tax atm as Pre April 2017. Mine is Island Blue and looks good. Icon Plus trim so ok spec but not top Excel trim. Good to drive, good on fuel and cheap to run. Can get them for 9k onwards. Corolla Hybrid from 17k used on 19 plate. James.👍
  4. Add a machine gun and a rocket launcher and perfect for our roads. BMW or Audi driver, would never cut you up again! James.👍
  5. A slight leak or natural seepage? My 2015 Auris Hybrid AC packed in totally last Summer, just as I needed it. Had the car 6 months and 3k miles by me. 29,000 total miles. Took it back to the Toyota dealer as a used approved, so years warranty. Looked it over and Told if stone damage then not covered under warranty. Diagnosis was the condenser rad behind grille was leaking at bottom right corner. Thankfully after declining and pictures sent It was approved for repair. Only issue Condenser was not in stock and on back order. Had to wait 7 weeks. Just opened the windows! Not had AC in
  6. I believe Icon trim didn't have satnav. My Icon plus does on my Auris MK2. James.👍
  7. I have had 2 diesels over the years. First in 2007 when lived in Normandy France. Bought a brand new Toyota Corolla 1.4D4D Hatchback. Had it for 2.5 years, as then moved to County Kerry Ireland and didn't need a LHD car. Covered 44,000 kilometres fault free. Had old Volvo 240 and 940 Petrol auto since. A few years ago bought a 2007 Lexus IS 220 Diesel for £1400. It lasted 19 months until the head gasket went at 187,000miles. A common issue on the 2.2TD! Sold for £350bscrap on ebay. Pic of car before collection. Never again a Diesel! Then bought a 2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid. No iss
  8. Plan to keep for several years or more, so at least I'll benefit from new tyres. Would be mad to change financially to a Corolla as my Auris has only 33,000miles, in good nick and extended warranty and service plan for another 2 years. Would have to pay an extra 12-14k for a Corolla Hybrid. A Corolla TS would be my next car. James.
  9. Glad your going to get it done. Any Garage has a duty of care and inspecting your car is part of that. At least issues are advised and up to you to either have them done at Toyota or Independent. I always like watching the video Toyota send you and find it reassuring. They even noticed my passenger wiper was juddering on a service. Phoned me to ask if I would like it replaced. Fitted an Optifit blade fitted and it was £7. Much less than they initially said. Sure it was £14. Seemed no labour charge as have service plan. Tyres were advisory as 80% worn. Was due MOT a few months la
  10. Not sure. Will need to check. The Cont's came with the car when I bought it 15 months ago. The date stamp code matches with them being the original from new. Dated 2015. They have done 33,000miles. Fronts have around 2.5-3.5 mm of tread left, rears a bit more around 3.5-4mm, but nearside front lots of shoulder wear and lots of cracking to sidewall and cracking in tread on all. Advisory for NSF on MOT in January this year. My Auris hybrid TS is now 6 years old. I hope the Goodyears last as read about thin side walls and splitting on curbs. Had them on a bought Lexus and crack
  11. On My 2015 Auris Hybrid. Dealer in a few weeks is going to fit 4x goodyear efficient grip tyres. £318.00 fitted. Needs 48 hours notice. Tyres take 24hours to arrive. Plan on fitting when I'm less busy. Current tyres Conti 6. James👍
  12. I feel for the OP, but if I had bought a new car I would have it serviced by Toyota, at least until my 5 year warranty is up. I would fill in the details on the warranty card and keep all the receipts of the service items. In Toyota's eyes it hasn't a proven service history. I would be tempted to get them to service it, to keep goodwill and no wriggle room if something happens and need to claim on the warranty. James.👍
  13. At least they are doing their best to sort it. I too thought you had no chance. Glad to be proved wrong. Looking forward to the update. When I bought my Toyota as a Toyota used approved. I did a HPI check on it, before completing the purchase. Came back all good. James👍
  14. Did 155 miles today on a mixture of roads. A38, into Brum, Kings Heath, back to near Burton on Trent. Return to Kings Heath then Kings Norton. Then M42 back to Near Burton On Trent and Eco drive said 64mpg. On M42 Eco went up to 66mpg at one point. Speed around 30-65mph. Car 1.8 Auris Hybrid Estate. Most of Journey had 3 adult passengers. James.👍
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