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  1. As said petrol any day for your usage. I had a 2006 Lexus IS220D and that has been my worst car engine wise. Believe its used in the Avensis. The 2.2 diesel lump the head gasket started going. I scrapped the car. I certainly wouldn't discount a Yaris. May get something newer. James.
  2. I have a service plan. Do you get a courtesy car or have to wait while they do it? Would like to drive the corolla 2 litre. Would be my next car in 5 years when affordable! Hope everyone is finding stuff to do, and manages on lower finances, and keeps their job, once things get back on track. I'm self employed. Gone quiet. Had 2 gardening jobs last week. Don't mind as outside. Charged £20 each. Just replacing a leaking garage roof. Finishing work permanently tomorrow. Hope I get the self employed payment in June! Keep safe. James.
  3. On my Volvo, Lexus IS220D I found Nissens make fitted perfectly. Try Ebay. That's where I bought mine. £65 for Volvo. Lexus £150. James.
  4. All AC systems have a pressure switch. when gas is low, prevents the compressor from running to prevent damage. On my Volvo I was able to see if the compressor worked by turning temp to cold, ac switched to on, fan on and unclip the pressure switch wiring and short the 2 contacts with a bit of wire. This then fired up the compressor. Only do it for a few seconds! You would need to confirm if shorting the 2 wires in the connector would work like my Volvo and not do anything untoward. I would replace condenser and drier, then get a pressure test done. Pour in the correct compressor oil lubricant and amount and get it re gassed. Hope the compressor works. Mine on my 1996 Volvo 940 worked but was goosed as leaking like a sieve like the condenser. I managed to buy a used compressor for £35 off Ebay. Sadly a year later have a leak on the AC clamp which I now have a clamp in better condition. Was going to repair this summer! James.
  5. I would go with a separate winter set in 15 inch. My 1996 Volvo 940 has summer tyres. Around 3 winters ago bought a spare set of QE used volvo alloy wheels for £40 and fitted new Goodyear ultra grip 9's on for £50 each. Cost around £10 to have each tyre fitted to the alloy rims. The winter tyres are fantastic in my rear wheel drive automatic volvo. Like a 4wd in rural Staffordshire. James.
  6. Indeed, were all different. I wouldn't say no to a new Corolla Touring sport though. In either Icon Tech or top spec Excel. Do they do full leather? Only seen partial suede/ leather with red stitching. Surprised the corolla never got memory front seats.
  7. Sounds practical. I'm single and like space, so chose the Auris estate. At least Toyota make an estate unlike Lexus. I suppose don't want competition with each other. James.
  8. On the corolla not keen on the passenger side dash projection as bulky and prefer built in sat nav. Looks a bit of an afterthought. Prefer it if it folded away! James.
  9. Saloon looks much nicer than the new hatch, especially the rear. Sat in the corolla hatch and surprised how cramped it was. Prefer the estate or saloon. The saloon looks good. James
  10. I like cats too! Good for you rescuing them. I'm thinking of getting a cat or 2. Looking for a rescue. Probably Maine !Removed! or a Rag doll. Had 2 domestic moggies since 1993. Claude. Had from our Cousins when young. Put to sleep around 16. Also before had my Dads cat Kinu. Also put to sleep around age 16. Not had any pets now around 5 years. You miss their company any unique character! Our Kinu liked curry! Licked the chicken tikka masala sauce off and ate the chicken! Every week wait for his curry! Our Kinu below enjoying the fire! Obviously filtered! James.
  11. The fact is I was still keeping to the 30-40mph limits in Birmingham but still getting good MPG. I would back off when in power mode and re apply the accelerator to get me to the speed limit and almost roll down hills accelerating as needed to the speed limit. I keep to the limit. Hills definitely affect the MPG but get good again as once level battery power kicks in and MPG increases. The best MPG was from my Sisters house to my Nans house of around 3 miles as mostly level or slightly down hill and had 94mpg for a while until settling to 70+! Today drove 3 miles into Burton on the A38 at 70mph from cold to do a quote and only a few islands to go round in the 30 mph limit and came back and MPG 53mpg. I did go into the power range though. James.
  12. Its been warmer today in the Midlands. I have an Auris Hybrid and reset the MPG readout and driving round Birmingham had 70-80+mpg in eco mode and averaged 68mpg on my way home. Put £25 worth of fuel at £1.17 in and got 270 mile range. Showed 330 miles but still had 60 miles range left from previous fuel. I like it! James.
  13. Thanks for the Info. Must de badge mine soon, so good to know what method works. James
  14. Not took any myself yet, but here is my car. What product did you use to remove the badge glue? Plan do debadge my Auris. James.