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  1. Thanks to the further replies. I'm not going to try do disable Tc as may risk damage and may not be an authorised method by toyota. I'll use my Volvo if winter becomes very bad as has winter tyres. James.
  2. Thanks for your reply. Oh dear! Don't get it in mud or snow then! How is the Auris in snow? I would of disabled it to try to get going. When current tyres worn out will consider all season. Winters on my Volvo are great. James.
  3. I would be interested in the tilt alarm. It would draw attention if nothing else! Once alarm goes off it would give me enough time to start the chainsaw and do some cutting of my own, LOL. I wish! At least even with plate and alarm I would know if my car is being attacked. James.
  4. I have a 2015 Auris Hybrid estate in Icon plus trim and wondered how you turn off the traction control? Haven't seen a button like on a Lexus IS 220d. can you turn it off? Useful in winter to get going in snow. Today our car park is flooded so wanted to get up a slope onto the grass bank like I managed to yesterday, but couldn't get far today as wheel spinning and power cut. Annoyingly my rwd Volvo with winter tyres sailed up! My Auris is the blue car on the far bank! James.
  5. Hi thank you both for your replies. My car has done 26,500 miles It will need servicing at 36k then as due then as 10k service schedule? Probably listed though as 5 year 50k intermediate service on Toyota history? My annual mileage is around 10k. James.
  6. I have a 2015 Auris and have a service plan. Will I be notified when I need to get the car serviced or just by my mileage or service indicator? Believe hybrids need servicing every 10,000 miles? My car has now done 26,000 miles. I looked at the history online and couldn't work it out as said 40,000 mile service/ sale inspection. Yet it hasn't done that mileage yet, presume 30k! James.
  7. You may think I'm mad but I have named all of my cars. My P reg silver Volvo is Pewter. Auris is Hector, the hybrid! Do you name yours? James.
  8. My Local garage. cost me £17 in labour. When fitted rattled. Went back a few days later and they adjusted it. Totally quiet now. James.
  9. I would go for it. Mine off Ebay. Much cheaper in Toyotas words than their official catloc. The seller accepted £28 plus postage. There may be a cheaper price online? James.
  10. Hi Tony HSD, thanks for your reply. I wont be going through anything too deep as I want to keep the car long term. I don't want to damage it. Think 8 inches deep is plenty as my most expensive car! My 1996 Volvo 940 auto cost me £250 3 years ago and is still totally reliable workhorse at 202,000 miles. Also had a 1989 240GLT estate auto for 10 years as my only car. Sold last year for £500 with 237,000 miles and for more than I bought it for in 2009 and put 76,000 on myself. I have always liked Toyota/Lexus and the rear wheel drive Volvo 2,7,9 series. James.
  11. I'm new here too. Welcome. I had a 2007 Lexus IS220D for 19 months with high miles 174,000 when bought and 187,000 when sold for £350 as head gasket gone. Liked the build quality, not the diesel engine and gearbox. Sold to motor trader who bought it to strip an then scrap. I bought a 2015 Auris Hybrid estate! James.
  12. I was looking around like yourself a few months back. I considered a skoda Octavia 1.4 petrol DSG as relative had a 2007 L&K Octavia diesel manual they owned for 11 years and changed at 130k for a late 2019 Octavia L&K DSG. Only issue in my price range the Octavia was just the same price as a 2015-17 plate Auris Hybrid and a basic spec. Budget at 12-15k I read about the DSG troubles and thought Toyota would be more reliable overall. The other thing I wanted was a reversing camera. Most skoda models don't come with one unless you buy the L&K model but well out my budget. So I bought an Auris Hybrid 2015 Icon plus in blue with extra 3 year warranty and 3 year service pack. I have fitted a cat cover and wouldn't claim if cat stolen. I went for the Auris as wanted a hassle free drive, reliable and auto to waft along like my 1996 Volvo 940 petrol with 202.000 miles. James.
  13. I have a 2015 auris hybrid and was wondering what the max depth of water you can drive through? On my 1996 Volvo 940 2.3 petro I go up to the door cills and have never had a problem in my automatic. How low are the hybrid batteries and air filter inlet? I believe batteries are under rear seats. Deep sounds a bad idea as if in EV mode water could enter exhaust if water too deep. James.
  14. Auris James


    Yes, pressed 2mm galvanised steel. Mine in pic. Note the bars spot welded each end. Sure suspect it can be cut. Hoping saw blade breaks if get that far while cutting through bars and plate. See my unsightly filler over the bolt holes that I undersealed. James.
  15. Auris James


    3 weeks ago I bought a cat cover off ebay for my 2015 auris and had 16mm steel bar welded to the long edges. Its bolted on using the original brackets and bolts and then decided to fill over the 6 bolt holes with POR 40 fibreglass reinforced car filler as much cheaper than the locking bolts. A couple of coats of underseal to tidy. Hope the filler slows removal down and the thief gives up! Hope it wont need removing until exhaust replacement, or hammer and chisel job! I will also de badge my car thanks to the handy how to. James.