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  1. Flash22, I would like to ask for your advise. I followed the search for p.n. 90980-12409 and I've found a connector repair manual issued by Toyota and in it, among a zillion connectors, I found the 90980-12410 p.n. it looks similar and I wonder if you know if they changed the part number. Thanx.
  2. Hi , thanx for the reply. do you know the part no. of the connector produced by Sumitomo?
  3. I'm looking to buy the female 28 pin connector that will match the male plug on the original loom connected to the radio I don't want to make improvised connections to the original loom, therefor I would like to have the connector for it. I've ordered one from Aliexpress but it appears that there are two types of the connector and the one they sent me is the wrong one. unfortunately, they don't have the other type. please let me know if you know where I can find it. attached pic of the type of the connector that I'm looking for (marked with an arrow). Thanx.
  4. Helpful as ever... I believe that's the plug you're referring to. any Idea where I can buy the female part that the plug will fit into? I don't want to cannibalize the original cable?
  5. I guess that the +5V to the usb will be there, either way, so I'm afraid it will not indicate. another guess is that it's indeed only a charging point since the radio isn't a multimedia head unit, just a radio with a cd player.
  6. Hi, In the glove compartment of my 2012 Yaris, there is a usb connector (along with a 3.5mm jack socket). I've tried to find to where it's connected (the usb) but unfortunately, didn't managed. I guess it's not connected to the radio. any idea to where it's connected? the radio installed is Panasonic model 86120-0D640, that as far as I know dosn't have a usb input.
  7. Devon Aygo - thanx, amazing!
  8. Hi I have to install (double sided glue) the GPS antenna at the upper right corner of the windshield and then to deploy it's cable to the head unit. I think that the best way to do it is to remove the cover that it's photo I've attached. my concern is that on the cover there is a writing says "srs curtain airbag". since I've never done it before (removing the cover) my worry doing it, taking into consideration that an airbag is involved, could be understandable (even though it was done before when the mobile phone was installed - but not by me). I'll appreciate any guidance how to remove
  9. Hi, I need a point at the dashboard which has +12V on it when the reverse is engaged. it is needed for the reverse camera. since I'm not keen of spreading additional wires, I was thinking (happens rarely) that the reverse indicating letter "R" in the speedometer might be solution. the question is if the indication is indeed by +12V or is it a signal from the Canbus?
  10. During my attempt to install the reversing camera, I routed a wire from the left reverse lamp to the tail gate. I had to go through the robber duct between the body and the door. when I tried to reinstall it back in its holes, the left side - door - went right into its place. the right side was a different story. it has an inner white plastic tube and the hole's diameter seems to be too small to be able to accept the rubber as well. what's frustrating is that I'm sure that it was inside. what I've done, in order to avoid water dripping in, I've applied sealant compound as a immediately measure
  11. Any knows where I can find a point of +12V when the reverse is engaged - in the dashboard?
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