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  1. I was told that at 60k kms the cabin air filter needs to be replaced. while looking for it, I've seen that at certain site they offer 3 different filters with three different part numbers that they all fit my 2012 Yaris. of coubik the have different prices as well, the first - 87139-50100 priced a little above $40, the second 87139-30040 for about $15.50 and the third 87139-52020 for almost $30. may be there are more, but I find it odd because if I'm not wrong, all these part numbers are Toyota's part numbers.
  2. On the roof of my 2012 hatchback Yaris are two decoration (to be honest, I don't know what they are for) stripes that are called "roof drip side moulding". the one on the left side (driver side, in my case) is torn and I would like to replace it. searched for it on Aliexpress, couldn't find it. perhaps the forum members might know a supplier in the UK that might have it and willing to send to Israel? Thanx.
  3. Hi, The left side mirror (foldable) on the car was hit by another car and apparently the upper part is broken from it's base. however, it can be pushed back to the holes in the lower part and it fold and unfolds. the problem is, of course that it's not as it should be and it easily falling apart. I would like to ask if it's possible to glue it (the three pins to their sockets), I hope that it can be seen on the picture or there is any other way to mend it beside buying a new mirror? Please be aware that it's a left hand drive car - the mirror is on the driver's side. Attached the model number. I'll provide the VIN if it might help.
  4. I would like to remove the immobilizer installed in my 2012 Yaris since the vehicle "aged" and the insurance no longer requires one as a compulsory demand, so, I would like to remove it. could you please let me know how to disconnect it? I guess that the device switches two points that enable the motor to start and those two points must be permanently connected. the vehicle is a NSP-130 with 1.33lit petrol 1NR engine. Attached the picture of the keypad.
  5. Today I've experienced vibrations while the vehicle was idling at traffic lights, like the engine missing one cylinder. those vibrations were gone when I accelerated when resuming driving. my journey was about 30 kilometers after which I've parked for about two hours and then drove back. from the minute that I've turned on the engine to driving back - the engine ran smoothly as ever. I was told that cleaning of the throttle body should be done. I would like to ask for your advise if indeed that's the cure for it and if so, I'll appreciate any guidance how to carry this out. one more thing - is it reasonable to find this problem on an engine after running only ca. 60k kilometers?
  6. Hi, I'm approaching 60k km's (ca. 40k miles) on my 2012 Yaris and I would like to know what are the manufacturer instructions to carry out. I've tried the local Toyota's dealer web site, but unfortunately the website is under some sort of upgrading, so no info there. One more question, how can I know what type of engine is installed in my vehicle. I don't have access to Toyota's site?
  7. Thanx. most of my driving is on highways speeding around 90 - 100 km/h. last month the vehicle was tested for the Israeli equivalent of the MOT and among other things they check the emission and the results were OK. I'll keep checking.
  8. You're completely right. I didn't mentioned the type of fuel because I took it for granted that it's petrol since I wasn't aware that on 2012 there were hybrid or diesel vehicles. As per your second remark - mostly motorways (flat terrain). the data is indeed from the car and it's from the time it was new. I'll check the brim to brim method suggested by you and see if the results will differ.
  9. Hi, I would like to ask for your opinion regarding the fuel consumption of my 2012 model NSP130L. as you can see, it shows on the display an average consumption of 7.3 lit/100km. it seems a little low to me, taking into consideration that the vehicle traveled only 56k km so far and I can humbly state that my driving habits aren't "wild".
  10. Thanx for your comments. I forgot to mention that my question reffered to the petrol version, not the hybrid.
  11. I've seen a post on Israeli page of Yaris on facebook about people who own the 2021 Yaris. they complain that since Toyota have changed the engines on these models from the 4 cylinder version to a new 3 cylinder version, the vehicles suffers from vibrations on low rpm, for example, when waiting at a traffic light. they where told by Toyota authorized workshops that it's normal for that engine, something that I find very odd that Toyota will market a vehicle with this "phenomena". have anyone heard about it?
  12. Thanx but if that's the case, it's too much of a hassle to add the cruise control. I've managed until now without it, I hope that I'll survive continuing without it, but thanx for your efforts. unfortunately, I don't have the techstream, only yesterday I learnt about it's existence, from on of your replies. I would like to have one since my previous vehicle was a Citroen and I had the Lexia and it was awesome. thanx again for your input.
  13. So, since there is only one item on the list, I can assume that the cruise control option is off. one more disappointment in life... btw- is there a way to program the ecu, I mean, is it possible that the function exists and it only has to be turned on, or is it more to it?
  14. Thanx for the reply. if I understand, according to the table you've uploaded, the cruise control functions are disabled (they are all "off"), if that's the case, is there any possibility to connect into the ecu and turn them "on"? and a second question, could you explain what is the stalk and where can I buy it? is it a Toyota part?
  15. Attached pic of the VIN plate & the seering wheel. there are controls on the left beam of the steering wheel. I'm located in Israel.
  16. Hi, I've seen on Aliexpress a cruise control add on, https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32827779571.html?spm=a2g0o.detail.1000023.7.2af2fc0cYzvdRY I would like to ask how can I tell if my vehicle is compatible and will accept this control seamless, or it's more complicated than displayed by the vendor. Thanx for your comments.
  17. Hi, I would like to remove the small panel within the frame (preferably without breaking it, of course) and I hope for your guidance how to do it. let me point that it's a LHD. Thanx.
  18. Flash22, I would like to ask for your advise. I followed the search for p.n. 90980-12409 and I've found a connector repair manual issued by Toyota and in it, among a zillion connectors, I found the 90980-12410 p.n. it looks similar and I wonder if you know if they changed the part number. Thanx.
  19. Hi , thanx for the reply. do you know the part no. of the connector produced by Sumitomo?
  20. I'm looking to buy the female 28 pin connector that will match the male plug on the original loom connected to the radio I don't want to make improvised connections to the original loom, therefor I would like to have the connector for it. I've ordered one from Aliexpress but it appears that there are two types of the connector and the one they sent me is the wrong one. unfortunately, they don't have the other type. please let me know if you know where I can find it. attached pic of the type of the connector that I'm looking for (marked with an arrow). Thanx.
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