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  1. I will be interested in how the larger brakes work, and if it is a very simple switch, so please keep us posted MartinBrynildsen!
  2. Gerg, it works. This was indeed the link I found, but when I clicked onto it, nothing seemed to happen after trying 3 times. But it actually was in my "Download" file of my desktop, all three copies. Just installed onto a external drive, followed the "Read Me" instructions and it works like a charm. If any ADMIN is reading this, it would make a terrific "sticky" inside the forum since it is so complete -- even has LHD instructions for folks like us in Sweden who drive on the 'wrong side' of the roads! Tusen Tack as we say in Sweden, for everyone's help. What a fabulous resource!
  3. UPDATE: Found the old link, but it is no longer active. iQ service manuals are no longer available from Toyota, though I may go out and buy a "Haines" or similar repair manual, unless someone else has one to share. The "Owners" manuals ARE still available, but I have that with the car. All help very much appreciated, thanks again!!!
  4. Thank you to all, especially Gerg with this latest response. I will look inside the Forum and see if I can find the manual. Very helpful tips & info from everyone. Terrific forum!!!
  5. QUICK UPDATE: Still need to replace the clutch, but just realised my 5th gear actually disengages itself. The iQ drives fine at steady 80-90kph, but then the gear shift lever actually pops out of 5th gear. Does not occur in any other gear. Any thoughts, or is it directly related to replacing the clutch plates and slave cylinder? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello to all, my very first post from here in Sweden. Just bought a 2009 1.0 iQ in very good condition, but it needs a new clutch & pressure plate, which the previous owner supplied. Question 1: Does it also need a new throw-out bearing? Here's what happened. While test driving, and then driving it home, I noticed the trans suddenly losing contact with the engine at a steady 90kph/55mph in 5th gear only. Once I dropped it into 4th gear, it reconnected and stayed connected the rest of the journeys. Or could it be a 5th gear trans syncro issue? It shifts very solidly in-and-out of each gear, though there is little left of the clutch plate contact when I release the clutch pedal. Question 2: Is it a difficult self-service job, as I have only ramps to elevate the front end? (I have searched the iQ forum, but could not find any "how to" on this matter) I have not yet had any chance to check the trans fluid level & condition, as I am still learning where the level stick is located (or is there one for this 5-spd manual?) -- still might be a good idea to have it changed since the engine has 200K km/125K mostly highway miles on the odometer (spark plugs changed out at 140K km, disc rotors and pads replaced at 150K km, suspension super-tight for this year and mileage). Previous owner was a sales rep who claimed 80-90% highway mileage when going to-and-from clients. Service records are very thorough, with oil/filter changes every 8k-10k km. And I have faith in Toyota products, having been a Camry & Yaris owner until I made the mistake of buying a KIA (live and learn). Question 3: Lastly, how do I determine if I have a Gen1 or Gen2 model, as I have seen discussed in several other iQ forum topics? I am very happy and excited to be part of such a vibrant, experienced group. Hope I will also be able to help share good tips and such on the road ahead! [ps: iQ photos, added details coming as I get better organised]
  7. Just bought a very nice 2009 iQ, happy to be back in the Toyota family after owning a fairly dependable KIA for several years. My iQ is a 1.0 liter 5-speed with 200K km/125K miles on the odo, but super tight and very smooth riding. Still have to see if it's a Gen1 or 2. It was quite reasonably priced because it needs a new clutch & pressure plate. And I am pretty sure that it also needs a new throw-out bearing, since I noticed the trans suddenly losing contact with the engine at a steady 90kph/55mph on the way home in 5th from the seller's house. But once I dropped it into 4th, it reconnected and stayed connected the rest of the way home. Or could it be the 5th gear itself? Probably best to leave this info in a specific forum once I get all my info updated. Just glad to see so many happy, helpful fellow Toyota iQ owners (and other models) on this site. Hope nobody minds helping someone from Sweden, as I am looking forward to lending a helping hand from this side of the sea. How Swede it is!